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  • iswhatitis2me iswhatitis2me Nov 28, 2012 6:14 PM Flag

    Flippers hold their grip

    It's classic, isn't it, that progression is made on the trials and the SP drops close to the recent lows since June. Selling, close to .0602, baffles me since anyone who is invested would sell off. I can possibly see the flippers selling on the spikes, but at this point there isn't any spike, so does one think this is going below .0602? On what evidence? Do we really think these trials are not proving anything and this company is going down in the short term?

    It's clear who the flippers are on this MB. I submit that they are feigning observation and interest to flip pennies. Good for you. I hope it works for you. You clearly see an opportunity to take short-term advantage of an early-stage potential gold-mine. As much as I want to see this company succeed, and as much as I despise flippers, I hope you don't get burned.

    On another note, I applaud Karen for holding her ground. You guys LOL and bash a person who calls it like they see it, for whatever reason. I haven't understood yet. Maybe you want to be positive and Karen isn't seeing positive from ACTC. There's not much of a track record Karen has to go on, to be sure. But, some of you are clearly retarded. I'm not trying to be funny, either.

    I say buck up, grow a pair, and make your momma proud. Or, continue to be a taker and continue to complain when you don't get your way. Take your ball, go home, and *uck off!

    Sorry, had to vent.

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