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  • bchin_us bchin_us Nov 29, 2012 3:44 PM Flag

    FWIW - ACTC, Stem cells from a different perspective

    I'm sick of tired of the off topic posts and the usual ACTC/Rabin bashing. I thought I'd offer this for the folks who are here for the long haul.

    I happen to be reading the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine today. In the back of the mag, there is a brief interview with Dr James Andrew, the noted orthopedic surgeon who put the damaged joints and bones of many athletes back together again. This guy is always advancing with techniques and treatment. He is also 70 years old now. When Dr Andrews was a fresh minted surgeon, an ACL injury was a career killer. Now? An ACL injury is almost a rest stop on the career path.

    The primary question asked of him in the article was at his age, why is he still so active. His answer? "Stem cells".

    It seems to me that Dr Andrews response indicates that across the medical landscape, the prevailing feeling is not "if". It is "when". This tells me that the medical community (researchers and doctors) must feel they have a good grasp of the "how".

    The "how" doesn't matter to a certain type of investor.

    Dr Andrews and others are the people who will be developing and advancing the treatments when they become available. If a 70 year old doctor is hanging on, he must believe he will see it sometime in what time practically remains in his career, right?

    Who should you place your faith in? The basher who comes here with the sole purpose of making money and way he came, no matter who destructive it is, or a Dr who has seen his practice evolve over many years, seen the advancements and the resulting "miracles" and who is awaiting the next one?

    This is not to say that ACTC is a sure fire thing but after re-reading Dr Lanza's bio in Wikipedia, I'd say that it the best horse to ride. They are in trials, people. If no one else cares, great. Why should we care if very few share our fervor? That's like being unhappy that you have a beautiful spouse and no one notices. Who cares?

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    • Per Rabin:

      ' Under the terms of the agreement, there are no upper limits to the price that Lincoln Park Capital may pay to purchase the Company’s common stock and this transaction in no way impedes or changes the Company’s goal of completing a reverse split and national listing. The Company plans to continue pursuing its stated corporate milestones of achieving a national listing ........ ' September. 20, 2012

      ' As you know, we are aggressively pursuing a reverse stock split, to be accompanied by an up-listing to Nasdaq.'

      ' We continue to move with great determination towards uplisting to the NASDAQ exchange with a concomitant reverse split to a qualifying share price. We have a very clear understanding of the few remaining boxes we need to check to complete the process, and are devoting significant management time to that effort .'

      ' With over 2 billion shares outstanding we can never get a listing onto the Nasdaq unless we were really close to commercialization.There has to be a reverse split.'

      ' In terms of the reverse split, the reverse, I’m holding off on doing the reverse as I said from the very beginning until we resolved these, the last of these warrant holder and debenture issues.I’m hopeful that we’re going to be able to put those to bed relatively soon because we’ve done a lot of other things to get ready for our uplifting and for our reverse. '

      ' Our position of strength is we have published data, and now we have additional data from subsequent patients, and follow on from the first patient that shows that we have a real proof of concept here.That is the most powerful position of strength that I can possibly think of.'

      ' I know very well that most reverse splits are are, least in the short term, value destructive...'

      Form 10-Q

      On April 26, 2012, at the Annual Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders, the Company’s shareholders approved an amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation of the Company to effect a reverse stock split of the Company’s common stock, par value $0.001 per share, at a ratio not less than one-for-twenty and not greater than one-foreighty, and reduce the number of authorized shares of the Company’s common stock in the same proportion as the reverse split, with the exact ratio to be set within such range in the discretion of the Board of Directors without further approval or
      authorization of the Company’s shareholders, provided that the Board of Directors determines to effect the reverse stock split and proportional reduction in authorized shares of common stock and such amendment is filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware no later than December 31, 2012.

      : )