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  • booskiadam booskiadam Nov 30, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    How low does Lincoln Park want this to go


    They are in control now!

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    • Lincoln Park portfolio manager and Rabin perhaps had an underhand deal whereby both get their personal cuts and to justify that Lincoln Park fund must show some hefty gain! Rabin then can tell the board that he got the necessary funding without issuing a commercial paper for the penny-stock company!! Thus both will tell their peers it's win-win deal, except for shareholders!! This is normal modern-day American executive practice, especially if the executive is primarily an accountant who love making money!!

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      • hehehehe

      • Someone finally gets it! Is this not what I've been saying since day one?
        They will take it down to .04-.05, then use their cash to run it up to .07-.08, and they will continue to trading that channel until they think there is news that will move the stock (and they know better than us; they know nothing will move the pps upward except a HUGE buyout or JV, and they know that won't happen until end of phase II). They are in this for the trade, not to sit on huge risk for years, hoping nothing goes wrong with the trials, and that no one beats ACTC to the finish line. Lincoln now has the power of a the market makers: tons of shares, and tons of cash=they can put the pps where they like.

        Expect dilution in early 2013. Lincoln will be mentioned less and less as time goes on.