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  • liberalidiocracy liberalidiocracy Dec 1, 2012 4:45 PM Flag

    Obama Has Now Borrowed More Than Every Past President COMBINED!


    if you agree with this "strategy" you are just as much of an azzzholllle as Obama....

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    • That was true of REAGAN when he was President also, and there was NO depression at the start of his presidency, and there were not two simultaneous wars handed to him from his predecessor, that were not paid for, and there was a Congress that worked with him when he ultimately tried to and actually RAISED taxes... not the sabotage bots in Congress now. When you try to stick Obama with this crap, you're actually boasting of GOP accomplishments - massive deficit spending and governmental bankruptcy is the chief, regular accomplishment of the GOP. You guys are #$%$ governmental administrators and you ALWAYS break the budget with your unnecessary #$%$ of the 1%.

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      • While Regan did not inherit any where near as sever an economic situation is was pretty ugly - recall the inflation and the 20% interest rates needed to break it? Reagan did increase some taxes but to gloss over the huge reduction in personal income tax rates misses a key aspect of his presidency.

        The difference between the Reagan/Clinton presidencies and Obama is the former knew how to work with people, how to build consensus, how to work with the opposition, how to communicate big ideas - in short, they were leaders.

    • its only money ...... lol !!