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  • keep_investing keep_investing Dec 3, 2012 9:49 AM Flag

    WOW!!!! An Expert Luncheon DEC 3 - 5

    In West Plam Beach, FL, must be nice for Gary and his cohorts, but what a waste of time and money!
    And it seems like this is all he's been doing lately, as us shareholders sit and wait for something substantial to happen, but instead we get this news, and get to watch the share price drop day after day.
    NICE GARY!!!!!

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    • I reported on that Saterday and you people doubted me. This conference will give ACTC terrific exposure for their groundbreaking research.

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      • Commentary: Could Florida produce the stem-cell breakthrough?

        Bernard Siegel, Dec. 3, 2012, The Palm Beach Post [Breaking News Starts Here]

        We are on the cusp of a new age in medical treatments and cures. Stem cell research, using embryonic, adult and reprogrammed stem cells, represents one of the greatest biomedical advances in our lifetime, offering the prospect of discovering the root causes of disease, serving as an efficient and personalized tool for drug discovery and creating potential therapies to replace damaged tissues with healthy cells and regrow organs.


        Assuming our National Institutes of Health survive the “fiscal cliff,” the U.S. is poised to make major progress. Legal and political clouds are lifting and the federal government is poised to provide long-term funding for fundamental human embryonic stem cell research.

        Yet there are obstacles to overcome. Potential cures are delayed due to a host of regulatory, legal, technical and funding issues. Researchers around the globe must work off of the same playbook. The cells they work with must have genetic stability, potency and be manufactured and stored within standard practices. Regulators are struggling to rewrite rules made for pharmaceutical drugs.

        The $3 billion California Institute for Regenerative Medicine serves as the visionary model, using bond funding to sustain long-term growth and economic development. Other states are working to create lasting funding mechanisms for research. However, the same consumer demand that is launching public funding initiatives has prompted a host of clinics marketing themselves on the Internet, selling unproven stem cell treatments as a modern day “snake oil” to desperate patients. We must support promising, legitimate treatments as we work to protect consumers from misleading, or even dangerous, “miracle” cures.

        To remove the roadblocks, the stakeholders must work together. Dozens of new alliances, consortia and societies have emerged to accelerate this biomedical revolution. Today through Wednesday, the global stem cell community gathers at the Palm Beach County Convention Center for the eighth World Stem Cell Summit, the largest interdisciplinary stem cell meeting. Attendees from 40 countries — scientists, industry leaders, regulators and patient advocates — will assemble to find solutions and forge collaborations.

        Why is the summit in West Palm Beach? Because Florida is emerging as a hub for life sciences and stem cell research. South Florida leaders tout the lofty goal that the region can become the next La Jolla, Calif., or Cambridge, Mass. Organizers hope that the summit will help to place Florida’s academic and biotechnology community on the world stage.
        The summit is the single stem cell meeting where the public is welcome to attend and where patients interact with scientists and industry leaders. We will honor inspiring advocates with the Stem Cell Action Awards. This year, our “Inspiration” award goes to Sabrina Cohen, creator of the Sabrina Cohen Foundation.

        A native of Miami Beach, Sabrina has been unfortunately bound to a wheelchair for 20 years, since she was injured in a car accident as a teenager. We are all well served to remember that life turns on a dime. Stem cells offer hope. Hope to uncover and cure childhood disorders. Hope of alleviating the burdens of aging. Hope for patients such as Sabrina that one day, hopefully soon, paralysis can be reversed.

        Bernard Siegel is founder and co-chair of the World Stem Cell Summit and executive director of the Genetics Policy Institute.

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      • I heard they served baloney for lunch, my favorite.

    • If they do nothing people complain and if they do something the same people complain. These conferences are part of business. They won't make news at the conference for a shareholder who follows the stock, but they could be educating future investors, partners, physicians etc about the company.

      As for anyone who is concerned about what they are having for lunch because of their investment in ACT, you should have never been in this stock or probably any other to begin with. Look up TIPS and put whatever month you have left in that.

    • This is a conference where there are many other sponsors than ACTC. It's conceived and managed by the world-famous Univ of Miami School of Medicine where there are internationally known scientists work and do research. ACTC and Rabin will be just minor entities. Yes, such a conference is where what is going on and what needs to be done in the area of medical science using stem cells is presented and discussed. It's not your cup of tea to comprehend why and what goes on there and why ACTC must participate!!

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      • And, for your information, let me add that Univ of Miami also houses the nation's top eye institute!! To be associated with it and be a cosponsor for such a conference is certainly not a waste of money for ACTC developing cure for a disease of the eye but an effective use of its money. If one dors not understand that, he should just keep quiet without passing out ridiculous comments!

    • Keep,

      I would say he has to be there and he didn't decide it would be in West Palm Beach. It is a great opportunity for him to come face to face with both venture capitalist and drug trolls from the big pharmacy. Stem cells are hitting their stride and some good contacts should be there. As Gary use to be a Goldman ho, he doesn't have a lot of connections if any on the bio-pharm side so this will be good.


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      • And we all know how "F'd" up Goldman Sags got the economy with their predictions etc....UGGG, now I'm even more peee Oh'd. LOL.

      • venture capital is strictly private equity i.e. before an IPO

        Are you saying they're going private and not to the Nasdaq?

        They're in contact with pharmas everywhere. the only question is how much for what percentage of ACTC

      • "I would say he has to be there and he didn't decide it would be in West Palm Beach."

        Nj, ACT is the sponser and host of this lucheon. Also if Gary, being from WS, was supposedly good at attracting investors from there, he sure as hell hasen't shown it yet. In fact this companies biggest income is from selling more stock, hell you and I could do that. And thats why its in such a mess financially.
        And eventhough I disagreed with the real Dojo on many things, he did make some valid points regarding Gary, and how badly he's run things at ACT.

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    • I hate to be so negative and agree with you but I AGREE !!! I know that they have to schmooze prospective investors etc. but I also know that people go to these things because they are free and sponsored by one party, in this case US. So while I'll gave up my spare cash to ACTC, I'll be scrounging around for something to prepare at home for lunch today and I can assure you it won't be anything costly or gourmet. I'll try to put a positive spin on ACTC's luncheon: maybe someone will take an interest and invest $135 million for all the outstanding stock, OR they'll tip well and at least the wait staff will make a few dollars within the next few days !!!!!

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