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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Dec 3, 2012 3:59 PM Flag

    Lying Bear


    In honor of Native American culture and in condemnation of Bearclawe putting words in others mouths, I hear by rename our stalking, disturbed and lost soul Bearclawe to his new status and title... Lying Bear. Henceforth from this day, let it be known... Bearclawe the stalker is dead... Long Live Lying Bear!!

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    • Bear "cut and paste" you mean? Bear "not one single original thought" you mean? I love how these GOP CONS use these names to deceive the public into thinking they are something that they aren't. Bearclawe? Like he's some outdoorsman or something. He's probably never gets out of the basement. And that Mothertheresa thing? What is up with that? Like MotherTheresa would spend her time sitting on her duff in front of a computer spewing superstitious hate. She'd be too busy actually proving she is God's child. The CONS stole the term "Americans" as if they represent every American with that "Americans for Properity" crap. Yeah ok, call it what it is "A few billionaires who want to buy the presidency and spread racism at whatever cost". ---a little long though. Cut and paste will forever cut and paste as that's all he can do. His spine has collapsed under the pressure of his big head that has been filled with everyone else's garbage, so it'll be cut and paste til the end of time for ol' Bear.

    • Blue, Bear will always Mother praying for him, no matter how much he/she stalks and lies.