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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Dec 3, 2012 5:03 PM Flag

    Help Beareclawe out, he's looking for an original thought. Someone anyone please.....

    Poor thing is constantly misquoting and cherry picking OHTER PEOPLE'S WORDS. Please, someone, anyone, help the poor sap out and give him something original to say so he doesn't have to do all that COPYING, CUTTING, and PASTING. Obviously the guy is smart enough to do all of that, certainly he has one or two thoughts of his own right? LOL Oh boy, now my "instincts" are REALLY OFF huh Bear ??? LOL LOL LOL

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    • FYI, via conference call I presented your case study (along w/bluecloud1013, motherthersa66, and fighterpilot) with friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, all are crying uncontrollably...... due to the fact they are laughing so hard.

      I'll get back to you.........

      ; )

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      • Hey, Mr. Instinct,

        Interesting cast of allies you have......... a drug induced 'one with god' christian, and a self-appointed catholic saint and ymb stalking moderator...................

        Annoy a Contard
        By bluecloud1013, 30-Jul-12 09:43 pm
        Work for a living and pay your taxes without whining about it.They have succeeded in pigeion holing libs as welfare queens, when in fact we are very hard workers. we just tend not to brag about it like they do. Use the plants God gave us for medicine and knowledge (ganja, peyote, psylicybin mushrooms) because then you will know many things that they will never know. God created all plants and animals. God created humans with cabinoid, opiate and psychedelic receptors built in to our brains. Coincidence? I think not, but the contards will cry "druggie", but who cares? I only care what God approves of, not a bunch of hypocrites from red states. Know God, have a relationship wi9th Him and know His love for ALL His children is real.

        Re: Re: ' Know God........ '
        By bluecloud1013.Nov 17, 2012 3:01 PM
        In reference to John 14:26 There is no better way to be filled with the Holy spirit than through the use of God's gifts. They open the door to being one with God and truly receiving His LOVE.
        1 Corinthians 2:10 We do have the mind of Christ. God gave us receptors in our minds so that we may fully understand the mind of Christ. But no, YOU know better than GOD, so continue to drink your infant formula.

        Re: Clinical trials? Heres proof you pumpers are liars!
        By mothertheresa66, 15-May-11 04:14 pm
        wrong ! BREAKING NEWS !! I was granted SAINTHOOD my buddy POPE JOHN PAUL ! This is the word of THE LORD !!

        Re: Clinical trials? Heres proof you pumpers are liars!
        By mothertheresa66, 15-May-11 04:38 pm
        THY LORD : CREATED LIFE ... YOUR COMPUTER , CELL PHONE, TRUCK , etc ? is not LIFE !! NOBODY CAN RE-CREATE THE WISHES OF THE LORD ... Thus? ACTC and others will fail ........ THE LORD created the WORM ..... chop the worm into 5 pieces? Guess what? The worm is reborn ... Chop of the tail of a snake? Tail regenerates ... a human loses its eyes, toes, arms, etc .... NO REGENERATION .. Why is this? ONLY THE LORD and SAINTED ONES like myself know .... MOTHER

        Question for the Message Board ....
        By mothertheresa66, 16-Mar-12 07:37 pm
        How did this all start ? Why am I watching and reporting Terms of Service Violations ? I have not violated any TOS ! .... Also obscene posts by many .... you know who you are ! Pumper and basher lies also !! .... THY LORD has commanded me to watch , read, observe , and report violators ! Please be polite , honest, and civil....

        : ) Wishing the three of you good mental health !

      • BEARCLAWE ? Another gay-cream donut eater !!!