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  • bige26 bige26 Dec 4, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

    why would the democrats make a deal

    why would the democrats make a deal. if we go off the fiscal cliff they get everything they want,27% cuts in medicare, huge military cuts, and enormous amounts of revenue from the wealthy and middle class. and on top of that they can blame the republicans. that is why they are not negotiating in good faith. they all ready have the deal they want. its a done deal. this is exactly what the democrats want, so there will be no deal and everyone knows it. if the president agrees to cuts in entitlements the democrats would share some of the blame, so that not going to happen, just get your cuts in medicare ,get revenue from taxing everyone more, and cut the military and blame it on the republicans because they did want to raise taxes on the rich. prepare your portfolio

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    • Bige, I agree with you and have been saying the same thing. They have an agenda and it is in play. The whole country will suffer for it.

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    • Re: "why would the democrats make a deal. if we go off the fiscal cliff they get everything they want...."

      Well, bige, I wouldn't exactly say they get everything they want but it does look like the Republicans, even when they were negotiating from a much greater position of strength, made a pretty stupid deal, doesn't it? How did that happen?

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    • With a 27% cut in medicare, there are going to be alot of people die for lack of care,, docs in private practice in no way can take this kind of cut and stay in business,, seniors are going to suffer the most,,shameful,,

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