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  • corruptbusinesss corruptbusinesss Dec 5, 2012 12:06 AM Flag

    Howard Dean is the only honest Democrat

    At least he admits he wants the country to go over the cliff. He reasons it will at least once and for all put an end to the free lunch concept. But by saying so he inadvertently admits that the Dems have been selling snake oil since FDR first declared war against business in the 1930's. Who would have dreamed we would once again see the populace fall prey to the ignorance of jealousie and the boogie man called business. So very sad, that just as Stalin was praised by the same people he victimized Obama is supported by the folks who are going to be hurt the hardest by his policy's.

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    • Republicans want the nation to "go over the cliff" - stupid concept. They can't vote for a "tax increase", but they can vote for a tax reduction. It's stupid for Dems to try to take this obvious attitude and try to bargain with the Republicans this way. The Republicans will not negotiate. Dense, dense, dense, dense. Basic numeracy eludes the GOP. Mathematics is not the party's strong suit, any more than basic science is...

    • Howard will be at the stem cell conference on Wednesday-he ordered a corned beef on rye.