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  • keep_investing keep_investing Dec 5, 2012 3:30 PM Flag

    Its trying like mad to dive to five....

    ....but a force seems to be keeping it from getting there. What is that force? Can it be a strong nuclear force, or maybe a weak nuclear force, or maybe a electromagnetic force field, or maybe its the force of gravity, or maybe its dark matter hiding out there in open space? Whatever it is, it would be nice if it worked its powers to move the share price higher.

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    • Now your talking my area of expertise, LOL. Now, let me dust off my crystal ball and see if you are right. Yep, that's it alright !!!! A mysterious force----seems to be coming from a steaming caldron being stirred by Karenlupa, whoever he/she is. I'll send the flying monkeys over to her straw-thatched roof trailer and dump a pail of water on her. I hired the monkeys after their long stint of unemployment since '39 and I feed them well. Banana buffets 24/7. They seem to have accomplished their mission, I see the stock going back up....You're welcome.