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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Dec 5, 2012 6:32 PM Flag

    Dick Armey, Pied Piper of the Tea Bags, has his FreedomWorks flute repo'd.

    The conservative Dick Armey who was one of several who orchestrated and implemented creation of the so called "Tea Party Movement" has quit FreedomWorks, one of the groups responsible for the creation of the tea bags. Armey's resignation actually took place just before the election, but it was kept quiet by the Corporate GOP Megaphone for fear of party implosion. Too little too late I'm afraid.
    Hey Bearclawe, please go back and do some copy cut and paste where I said the Tea Bags will fracture from the GOP after the election.. Thanks !!! LOL.

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    • lookee, there's ol' theresno putting in his usual 2 cents of pseudo-intellectualism in another effort to appear relevant.. Nice try again theresno.....

    • Danny, the original premise of the tea party was around fiscal responsibility and was quite reasonable. The whole movement was high jacked and extreme elements co oped the movement for their own purposes. So I'm glad Armey is out and I'm glad that Boehner has told the offending ones to go sit in the corner. This shakeout will continue until we get our party back.