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  • theresnobeachhere theresnobeachhere Dec 6, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    Well the luncheons are finally over, what next?

    Keep, if don't or can't understand how business is done join NJ and put your money in a savings account. If you want a ride on the wild side of passive investing go for TIPS.

    This was a conference with a lunch speaker panel. Quite normal. It is not the type of conference where you come out and announce a deal. It is a conference where ideas are exchanged, contacts made and programs advanced. It leads to follow up calls and discussion on potential deals. Often times the most significant results come not from the formal agenda but from the networking conversations that occur. For ACT not to be at these types of conferences would be a negative signal. In spite of our silly pps, with GERN out, we are considered the leader in this space.

    So we are all frustrated but cut these guys some slack. If we were not there I'm sure the chorus would be loud in protest.