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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Dec 6, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

    Oh how the Mighty have fallen!! LMAO!!


    This is beginning to be something of a trend. Last week MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell crushed their Fox News competition – again. The week-long average for Maddow in the 25-54 demographic was 378,000, vs. Sean Hannity’s 352,000. O’Donnell bested Greta Van Susteren 359,000 to 245,000.

    The Ed Show continues to lag behind his network companions, but perhaps he should be cut some slack because he is also airing opposite the highest rated program on cable news, The O’Reilly Factor. Even so, MSNBC’s primetime lineup managed to beat Fox News outright on two nights (Wednesday and Thursday).

    The frequency with which MSNBC is topping Fox dispels any notion that this is an anomaly. In fact, from election day through November 30, Maddow and O’Donnell beat Hannity and Van Susteren by 13% and 20% respectively. The full primetime averages for this period for Fox and MSNBC are separated by only 2% with O’Reilly lifting Fox barely into the lead.

    Fox News can no longer boast that they are the runaway leader in cable news. Before long they may not be the leader at all. Their audience may be tiring of being lied to and they might not appreciate the filters that Fox has put between them and the real world. There can be only so many times that someone can discover that what they thought they knew for sure was not even close to correct. And people who get their news from Fox have been in that situation too many times already.

    Even Fox News executives recognize that by building a bubble of misinformation they alienate their viewers and destroy their credibility (what little they have). Consequently, Fox CEO Roger Ailes has thrown a rug over two of his top contributors, Karl Rove and Dick Morris. Producers must now get prior permission before booking them. Not that that alone would change much, because Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and the rest of the Fox menagerie will still be honking feverishly at perceived enemies and invented scandals.

    In the coming months there may be some dramatic shifts in the cable news arena. Fox’s wobbly leadership will continue to be challenged by MSNBC’s post-election burst of energy. And CNN will likely being putting pressure on both when their new president takes the helm in late January. At this point, I wouldn’t place any bets because literally anything can happen. Who would have predicted a year ago that a lesbian Rhodes scholar (Maddow) would be knocking out the boob tube’s biggest boob (Hannity)?

    [Update:] Jealously rears its ugly head. In retaliation for having the audacity to get better ratings than Hannity, Fox is now bashing Maddow for getting a Grammy nomination for the spoken word reading of her book, Drift: The Unmooring Of American Military Power. And the tone of Fox’s attack is typically juvenile as they resort to calling her “Rachel Madd-Cow.”

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    • Rove and Dick Morris have already been cut from the payroll, Palin is next. Faux news chopping block is getting quite a bit of use after the election. The GOP Machine is imploding before our very eyes. It's sort of cute how the cons on here still try to defend their losing, powerless minority status. They're screaming, yelling, insulting, throwing stuff, stomping around, blaming each other and anyone else but themselves as a HOLE. LOL. I wonder where they'll go with this in the next few years. They are CONS, so I expect will see some fake compassion and "B" acting from most of them as they try to pretend they never had the extreme insane view of things. It's going to be fun to watch the continuing implosion and the eventual rise of a separate TEA BAG minority headed by the big crazies in that group.

    • Blue C.: Remember Abe Linclon said, "You can fool all of the people some othe time, some of the peple all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." Reublican party has changed dramatically since Linclon's time; sohave the Democrats. Lincoln had both parties in his Congress and even his cabinet.

      The Southern states were comprised of democrats, the "Dixiecrats" - a far right winged party - not at all like today's Dems. Yes, southern Dixiecrats created the KKK. They proudly became Dixiecrats because they hated Republican Abe Lincoln because the North defeated the South. They remained in the Democratic Party for several decades. Northern democrats were not right winged Dixiecrats - quite the contrary. Today and for some time, the South has been Republican - albeit a far right version of it.

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    • And Roger Ailes better keep an eye on his own back after the revelation that awhile he had been trying to talk David Petraeus into running for the GOP nomination.

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    • Blue - MSNBC is biased and selective in their reporting, no different than how Faux News reports. They are slightly better at reporting, but being slightly better than Faux News is not exactly a real prize either. The best bet on reporting is NPR.