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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Dec 7, 2012 6:35 PM Flag

    O/T- Dec 7, "A day which will live in infamy"


    And a dying breed of folks that created a generation that put America ahead of the world,, unfortunately, that is lost as we now have a society of entitlement seakers instead of folks making it on their own,, we have a president wanting to force us into socialism,, those of that dying breed are saddened by this,, at least the ones I know,, In the ER all night,,

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    • Lots of Japanese car factories are in the South and West of the US, assembling car parts made in Japan into cars that are taking jobs away from US car factories. That is one of the reasons unemployment is high in the US, as the once might US car companies felt in shrunken shells of their former glory. It was once said that as General Motor goes, so goes the country. No more, as Japanese cars took US jobs away, so that more people became unemployed to need government help. The private sector has been destroying millions of US domestic jobs in the last decades, when the conservatives took power, promoting globalization, outsourcing, setting Japanese car factories in the US, automation, moving domestic factories out of the border, hiding money by the rich and corporations in Swiss and Cayman banks, practicing banking usury by setting up credit card operations in Dakota to dodge state usury laws, lax regulation of financial banksters, lax regulation of doctors to rip-off government, lax regulation of monopolistic practices, starting unfunded wars, and on and on the conservatives support the super rich to plunder and pillage the nation to no end.

      The sad thing is that now the conservatives want to freeze the debt ceiling to eliminate the budget deficit (which was created by the conservative unfunded wars produced by Bush tax-cuts-for-the-rich after Clinton handed Bush a budget surplus) by the conservatives pushing to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid and all social programs, so that the super rich can get ever more tax cuts. Doc, you voted for the Republicans, and now you (as well as so many others) will be thrown under the bus by the actions of the Republican House Congressmen freezing the debt ceiling.

      I have never bought a Japanese car, and have always drived GM, Ford, and Dodge.

      What percentage of foreign cars people drive in your neck of the woods?

      People should look into the mirror before casting stones.

      There is a bunch of fanatical Republicans in Congress who want to eliminate all budget (yearly) deficits, while giving bigger tax-cuts for the rich. Even if the Democrats grant the rich tax-cuts, these fanatical Republicans will still want to eliminate all budget deficit by freezing the debt ceiling. During the summer of 2011, the Bush tax-cuts were in full force, and the fanatical Republicans still tried to freeze the debt ceiling, and pushing for a Constitutional amendment for freezing and rolling back the deficit. Republican people want to cut up Big Bird. Republican people want to cut food stamps from the starving poor children. Republican people like that will not hesitate in cutting up the sick, and cutting up doctors serving the sick. The only reason the automatic cutting law-in-waiting (aka-also known as the fiscal cliff) was put into law was to placate the hardcore House Republicans to not freeze the debt ceiling in 2011. You want to vote Republican people who are pushing to cut you up? Are you crazy or something?

      Tell your Republican buddies to not freeze the debt ceiling for the next four years, while the US economy is still struggling to get out of the damaging effects of the 2008 Great Recession of the Bush administration, so that drastic cuts will not be forced upon the economy during this weak economy.

      If the Republicans freeze the debt ceiling, the government can no longer "print" money to pay for the tax-cuts-for-the-rich, as well as roll over its debt, resulting in default by the "reserve" currency of the world.

      Doc, if you want to promote a robust government medical program, vote Democrat in the coming mid-term election to regain the House of Representatives back for the middle class. The Republicans have said for decades that they want to destroy all government social programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Republicans want to DESTROY Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

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      • Japan surpassed the US in auto manufacturing because US companies became complacent, produced and inferior product, Japan saw an opening and simply made a better product. The US auto industry responded and is now putting out better products and foreign companies have done quite well with the plants that theyve opened here. That's the way it works.

        The same story can be told around a number of manufacturing industries - we bemoan outsourcing, but would freak out if our TV's, computers, iPhones etc cost more. Capital will always find its most efficient use and that helps to raise the standard of living for everyone.

        It's a global economy. We need growing economies around the world to produce and sell us stuff, so their workers will have the means to buy our stuff. If we want to continue to regain our manufacturing base, we need a work force educated and skilled in the disaplines that a manufactures need. China cranks out engineers from their system and we crank out MBA's and lawyers.

      • Actually it's the insurance cos that see SS, etc as an untapped asset to pillage. Before you say anything about the repub plan-Bamcare is a repub plan-they gave it to him-if it fails, it's his problem. Goog Hertiage Foundation-a repub think tank. Have a great day!

    • Doc, your ignorance is showing once again. Those you're calling entitlement seeks are folks that receive GI benefits, social security, and medicare, which happen to be those that fought in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam wars. And don't foget your own parents and relatives that receive these benefits that they deserve, because they paid into for them for more than 40 years. And medicare is not free, it cost the average member over $2,000 per year, when the supplemental drug plan is added in, but it is better than any other medical insurance plan out there today.
      By the way many people receive pensions from the companies they worked for, is that entitlement, too?

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      • Keep, as far as I am concerned, the word entitlementt should be stricken from the dictionary. If you earned it and paid in to it (as well as your employer) it is an obligation owed to you. You fulfilled your part of a contract whether or not the other party mismanaged his part of the contract is on him. To me, the term entitlement is being used to cast the impression that people are getting something for nothing. Not true, they earned it through their sweat and cash. It is owed to them. If you did not earn it or pay into it and it was just given to you then I see it as an entitlement. If I am wrong on this then you all can correct me.

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      • Keep, I'm not taking about that and you know it,, and you are right, for the most part, medicare is the best,,, but, I wish our veterans would get better care, but it is unfortunately, the same thing that is coming with any govt run entity,, like Obamacare,, it will have its own standards, and they will suck,,
        Hey, what are your thoughts on that nut Ashad and what to do if he lets loose those nerve gases,, man, I tell you what, that is a horrible way to die,, why can't they just go in and shoot that SOB,, I know, some international law, but my God, look at all the people already killed,,

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      • i have no problem with the ones that work for the bennys . the ones who havent is a differnt story like obamas aunt.

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