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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Dec 9, 2012 8:34 AM Flag

    O/T- Good Morning Sunday Coffee, The Spirit Of A Child


    Good morning, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Having some Gevalia Torajah coffe this morning and it is yummy,,
    As far as ACTC,, she will survive, because the science is thus far sound and regenerative medicine will be the Star Trek medicine of the future, and we are the pioneers,, get some law suits over, dilution over, eventually get to the big board, sell some eyes and yippe,, those of us who have been patient all these years will reap the rewards,,
    We talk about religion and politics alot on this board and I enjoy the discourse for the most part,, not all, but most have decency in their discussions,, I'm anoyed by political correctness and especially "holiday correctness",, we have some clown governor in RI insisting that we not call a Christmas tree as such, but yet call it a holiday tree instead as not to upset folks that do not celebrate Christmas, the main holiday that this country was founded on,, the holiday is about Christmas period,, IMO, if you don't like it then crawl under a rock,, cause as most of you know, I'm sure as hell am not into correctness, but speak my mind,,
    I had the honor in meeting a child who came to me for pneumonia,, he has a history of sarcoma and has lost his leg and is on chemo, no hair, but big blue eyes that just dance,, he was really sick and I eventually transfered him to a pediatric hospital for care,, but he looked up at me and asked me, "am I going to die", "because I want to see Santa and I would like a toy car for Christmas",, Well, I'm not God and I can't tell you when someone is going to die, but I was pretty confident that he would pull out of the pneumonia, (and I'm happy to report that he is doing much better),, I told him that he would get better and be able to see many Christmas' ,, I don't know that either but what the hell else am I going to say,, my kindness made his spirit shine and he huged me,, the strength of the human spirit to live is most evident in a child,, they are innocent,, and all this little boy knows on a daily basis is pain, but he still smiles and wants to live,,
    We can take example from the innocent spirit of a child,, be extra kind to someone today,, pray to your God, tell your family you love them, because life is short,,
    Peace be with you,,

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    • This suffering of your cancer patient just now reminded me of when I was heavily invested in the cancer drug company Geron. GERN's stock did fairly well way back before the Bush Republican Religious Right wing attacked its work. After the Republican attack, its stock price would rise on news, and immediately get beaten back down. Geron had deals with big pharma Roche, and Merck, but with the threat of the Republican attacks, both of there big pharma's pulled completely away from Geron. With the heavy attacks by the Republicans, I took profits in the 9's and 10's, but kept a small core holding that has now dropped to 1's. Geron had a couple of promising cancer treatments under research and development of a telomerase based cancer vaccine, a embryonic cell based cancer vaccine, and telomerase inhibitor cancer drug, but the Republican attacks made it difficult for Geron to raise enough money, nor to get big pharma partnerships, as both Roche and Merck ran for the hills after Bush and the Republican Congressmen mounted governmental attacks on the field Geron was engaged in. Republican attacks made funding and big pharma partnerships difficult for Geron, and it eventually started to run short of funds, and it started to cancel further development of it many cancer treatment projects.

      The super rich care less whether the common people die of cancer, because all they care about is to satisfy the super rich's greed for money. Many super rich don't even care about doing anything about cancer in their own families and themselves. The super rich Jobs did care enough about his own cancer treatment at first. If the super rich don't care about cancer in themselves, how are they to be expected to care about cancer in others?

      Now, the Republican super rich want to cut funding for medical programs to cut the deficit, so that the super rich can get more tax cuts. Cutting funding for medical programs will cause funding to cancer research and development to decrease. The super rich Republicans care less. All the super rich Republicans care about is to satisfy their insatiable greed for more tax-cuts for for the rich. When any super rich Republicans get and die of cancer, it will be hard to tear up, as it is hard to keep from saying they deserve it, as there is poetic justice in this world, although in the mean while as the Republicans keep cutting the medical area, many many ordinary people will suffer and die needlessly for the greed of the Republicans. Sad, but it is a greedy world we live in.

    • How can anyone give a thumbs down on that post?

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      • Hey craig, millstone single serve coffee is what i just had. Its alright but nothing fancy. I don't celebrate the christian holidays but i do celebrate The Feast of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, and The Feast of Trumpets. In sports my Sooners are going to play Texas A&M at Jerry World and my Thunder kicked LA's butt.
        For actc im wondering why everyone has been down lately. We got at least 16 people injected with rpe cells and that is an awesome position to be in.
        Current market cap of 150 ish million is silly. The worst i see occuring is another billion shares being added to share count for lawsuits and the 35 million from lincoln being spent with another deal needing to be done. Im thinking that it doesn't matter how many shares we have as long as the rpe treatment works. Say we end up with 5 billion shares and a product worth 10 billion a year min to start. Gotta go, steve

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