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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Dec 11, 2012 1:17 PM Flag

    20 possible days left for the reverse split to happen IF we are to believe what

    was stated by Gary Rabin several months ago. He also said he'd like to do it from a position of strength, that being a subjective term. Stronger trial results? Stronger interest in ACTC by investment groups? If he meant 'position of strength' as far as PPS, it ain't happening ! Now we get excited if the stock goes up 1 one hundredth of one cent !!! I'd rather eat figgy pudding Bing.

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    • He said quite a while ago that he does not expect that to happen this year NJD, I'm surprised that you'd put this out, which I think is incorrect information. You're much more careful with political information. This is unfortunate.

      The company is stronger, and was able to resolve most of the law suits and raise funds for a few more years worth of operations at an nondiscounted price, which for a small, development stage, OTC company that has been distressed for years and was in a highly disfavored and politicized industry was incredible. Gary is not doing the r/s to avoid doing it from a position of PPS weakness, but not necessarily corporate weakness. And of course, the trials are going well, but have taken longer than anyone, including everyone at the company (I'm sure), would have liked.

      But this is not a useful or constructive post.

    • Doubt there will be a r/s now because of the PP performance of the stock.

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