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  • petertohan petertohan Dec 13, 2012 5:24 PM Flag

    Almost time to buy back shares...selling has slowed

    Karen...your thoughts on current price action? I sold 200K shares at .06 with the hope to buy back at such luck. At the time, the pps was trending lower at a much higher velocity.

    The trading seems circular to me now...after I sold, I placed a buy order at .0525 and they ran it immediately high, never to trade to that levle again. It is almost as if they see the trade and do not want to give up the shares. They ran from my bid of .0528 yesterday...stopping at .053.

    Coincidence or possibly the time to take the shares back, iyo? I am happy with the holdings I have, but, agree with your logic that we will see a 2 cent bump from our financiers.

    Technically and visually, stock seem's to be played by only a very few players..far less seller's and buyer's than many may think.

    Do you think we see .04's based on prior 4 days pattern? Seem's like .053 may be a short term bottom?

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    • it's time to buy.
      Looking at the long term chart just confirms we've based.
      Given today's news is just a plus.
      We'll be looking at a new proxy vote in the first quarter and a higher stock price, imo.

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    • Why would you ask someone who bot this porker at $7 if its time top buy? All your doing is asking the grim reaper to poke you in the eye. You are right that no one is trading it because we are all loaded to rim. The stock does look like it is actually bottoming and in January the 6 month countdown starts for the Phase 1 report. If some of the patient have improved sight and the rest are stabilized the stock will be north of .30 the next day. It worked with mice, so there is no reason it won't work here.

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