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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Dec 27, 2012 6:17 PM Flag

    O/T- Marines

    Why can we not put a retired armed marine at every school in the US to protect our children,, it would work and also give the veterans jobs that are in great need,, I can think of no better idea,, imo,,

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    • Sure Doc, why not put rocket lauchers and machine guns a top every school building..............ARE YOU NUTS! It's that type of thinking will take away all our freedoms, is that what you really want?
      So please stop drinking that rot gut WV moonshine, it really is damaging your brain.

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      • Keep, what the hell are you taking about taking away our freedoms,, and sadly to say, but I bet that anyone of those folks that lost children in the shootings would have given their arms to have a vet with a gun to shoot that SOB that killed all those children,, and what of your grandchildren,, are they protected in their school,, and do you have a gun? and if not, how the hell do you protect yourself from madmen, and don't say police cause that is a joke,, and you are a vet,, what is wrong with having a vet to protect our children in their schools,,

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    • Not,, do you have children or grandchildren,, I for one would feel a hell alot safer with a armed vet at every school now, cause you know that some crazy bas*tar*d is going to copy cat,, you wnat him going into your kids school with no protection for the children,, you are not going to get rid of guns, period,, crazy people do not follow laws, like you and me,, I have guns but I'm not going to hurt anyone unless they come for my family,, How do you defend yourself?,,

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      • Craig - how do I defend myself? I find that a Sig P250 is a very reliable gun, but nothing beats a Walther a for accuracy. I have yet to meet a person at the gun range that can not out shoot my PPK. I think a Les Baer would do it, but I have not seen one brought by a shooter, nor fired one.

        I am not advocating getting rid of guns, just sensible common sense laws that would hinder proliferation of guns into the hands of irresponsible people.

        BTW....I'd bet you a jar of shine, that I could out shoot you with any handgun you'd bring to the range with my PPK (Les Baer excluded)!

    • Re: "Why can we not put a retired armed marine at every school in the US to protect our children,, it would work and also give the veterans jobs that are in great need,, I can think of no better idea,, imo,, C"

      Now, craig, why would you imply that a "retired armed marine" at every school would be the best choice and better than any other vet? That may not actually be the case.

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      • First of all, children cannot defend themselves, where as if I go to a movie, I carry my gun, and if some dumb SOB tries to shoot up the joint, they are going to have a bad day,,If folks live in a carry state, then you can defend yourself,, Automatic weapons are not going away,, and the problem is with the evil ones and the nuts,, get better psychiatric care for the mentally ill and Obamacare is going to do that,,
        Elk, I give a fk if its deputy dog gaurding our children, as long as its done,, can be any vet,,
        You never answered me as to whether or not you would defend your family and shoot someone trying to rape your wife or daughter,,

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    • so we put marines in schools...right....what about movie theatres???? libraries and churches, dont forget supermarkets....sounds like a police state to cant believe were really having this conversation...i know you said retired marines! Get rid of ALL automatic weapons step one , step 2 review all anti psychosis meds were giving people.....Former Marine

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    • To things "wrong" with that excellent idea. Libs dont like the military and they don't like guns. A marine with no gun would be like a TITcomb with no prostitute, or a pimp with no Hoe, not exactly, but ya got my drift...bwahahahahaha.