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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Dec 28, 2012 9:24 PM Flag

    Don't you radicals ever get tired of the 1%, 99% lie?


    What this is called is "using a scapegoat" not all of the "1%" are evil greedy people. They are people who have worked hard, built up businesses and created jobs. That is what a capitalist system does.

    Using the productive (the loony left calls them the "rich") as scapegoats is immoral and downright evil. Hitler did it to the Jews in 1932 and look what that did. Hitler used the Jews to explain Germany's economic problems and to focus attention away from those problems. Obama and the Democrats are doing the same thing with the productive (rich) taking attention away from an incompetent, failed, leaderless presidency. This man has been in office for three years and he blames all of his failures on Bush, the tsunami in Japan, Europe's economic problems, anything but him, his socialist buddies in congress and his failed, leaderless policies. He gives a speech blaming the rich and then heads off to the golf course.

    Reagan inherited a worse economy than Obama did. Inflation was at 22% and unemployment a 9 or 10%. I can't recall one speech Reagan gave where he blamed Carter. He turned his attention to solving the problem and he did. His policies brought a sustained economic boom that lasted through the Clinton years.

    I tired of hearing the socialist slogan 1% lie. It's catchy and socialist love it. It's also as I have said evil. Moral people don’t make broad stereotypical statements. That’s what racists do to minorities.

    Why is it the ideologues can't think for themselves and mindlessly repeat anything their political masters tell them? For goodness sake do some research and I don't mean the left wing blogs.

    I watch as many of the news channels as I can so I can get varying views and then make up my mind. I'll bet you would rather drink poison than watch Fox.

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    • Yes I am tired of the 1%, 99% lie but not nearly as tired as I am reading your drivel about it. No one cares. Talk ACTC or at least talk stocks and the market or shut up.

    • Do you deny that many super rich are born into their wealth? How are people born into wealth have worked hard to build any businesses from scratch? Do you deny that many large companies are outsourcing millions of jobs instead of creating domestic jobs. Do you deny that rich banks are setting up their credit card operations in Dakota to bypass state usury laws? Usury by banks traditionally is considered to be evil, as it is in contradiction to the principles of the Christian religion. Do you deny that banks are paying middle class depositors less than a quarter percent, while charging mortgages to middle class borrowers more than 1000 percent higher markup (3 percent divided by 0.25 percent times 100 = 1200 percent), student loans to middle class borrowers up to 2000 percent or more, credit card middle class borrowers up to more than 6000 percent (15 percent divided by 0.25 percent times 100 = 6000 percent mark up.) Do you deny these are taking obscene profits to another level?

      Do you deny that the Republicans are forever blaming the welfare people for causing economic problems in the US, just like Hitler blamed gypsies and Jews for causing the economic ills of Germany before WW2, when it is ridiculous to see how welfare people have been responsible for outsourcing millions of domestic jobs that rich companies have done.

      Do you deny that the Republican Congressmen signed pledges to a lobbyist, rather than pledging to the American people? Most lobbyists are funded by the super rich, and their rich companies, so that it appears that almost all of the Republican Congressmen have signed to support the super rich to further the greed of the super rich.

      Do you deny that the wealth gap is growing larger and larger, meaning wealth is being sucked up to the rich, rather than trickling downward?

      Money don't grow on trees. People become rich by making money off of others. As you claim, there are a few self made super rich like Jobs, who charged high prices on the consumers, while outsourcing manufacturing jobs.

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      • While your last paragraph proves your ignorance. This paragraph proves your repugnant nature.

        "Do o you deny that the Republicans are forever blaming the welfare people for causing economic problems in the US, just like Hitler blamed gypsies and Jews for causing the economic ills of Germany before WW2, when it is ridiculous to see how welfare people have been responsible for outsourcing millions of domestic jobs that rich companies have done."

        To equate in anyway republicans stance on welfare to Hitler goes beyond any sense of decency. Republicans have always helped the truly poor and indigent and disabled. What they have and will always rally against, as did president Clinton are those capable but unwilling to get off of the dole. When Clinton passed Welfare Reform, what a surprise that people found work. You don't help people by sentencing them and generations to a permanent welfare class - to borrow one of your terms, that is truly enslavement.

      • Of the so called rich, those 2%ers, the WSJ had a nice summary of the subgroups in today's paper. There are 5 million households with incomes between $200k and $500k and 1.2 million households with income above $500k. In most parts of the country that first tier makes you well off but far from rich. The average tax increase for that group under the presidents plan is $13 k per year. Pretty fair on top of what is already paid. But is it fair that none of the remaining 98% of tax payers see one penny more in federal tax?

        As for your rant about the margins that banks are charging - they are at historically wide spreads. A bit part of the reason is the draconian loan buy backs and new regulations coming from the Feds. The money is going out as fast as its coming in and new capital requirements require banks to hold more against their loans.

      • The only problem with taxing the rich is that they will still make their money by adding any tax increase to the bottom line sales prices. So one way or another, the end-user--or Middle Class--will pay for it anyway. If you suggest that business stop outsourcing just because they want to be nice and make less of a profit, then your are a fool. Even your beloved Obama is greedy, he just wants to fid a way to put the wealth in his pocket--not yours--so stop buying into the lie. Your leaning towards Socialism shows how little you paid attention in History Class--Socialism has failed everywhere it has been implemented. Placing the burden on the rich is only okay to certain point--when do you start focusing blame or responsibility on other groups--even the working poor.

        As far as loans go, it is the rich people's money to lend--it is not the government's to decide what rate they can charge, who they can and have to lend to, etc. If you want no student loans--get a job and pay for it yourself--it is no one else's responsibility for your "ride" to school--it is your own responsibility. That is the problem with Liberal/ Democratic thinking--it is always someone else's fault, some else's responsibility. You are the reason the United States has degraded into a #$%$" society of PC nonsense and lawyer abuse.

      • There is the fecal matter analysis again from Cags. Your last paragraph more then anything you've ever written sums up your ignorance.

        "Money doesn't grow on trees. People become rich making money off of others."

        It might as well grow on trees. Rather then a finite supply of money, economies can continue to grow so long as populations grow, people become more productive and new and innovative products are brought to market. Just look at all the new wealth created around the globe from Apple products.