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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Dec 30, 2012 3:00 PM Flag

    O/T- The FLU

    Unfortunately the flu shot this year is not as effective as hoped,, many patients that got the flu shot are poping positive for Influenza A,, it is making people dam sick and many patients are getting pneumonia on top of it,,
    If you get a sore throat, cough, fever and body aches then most likely you are getting the flu,, get to your doctror within 48 hours so you can be started on tamiflu etc,, If you are not sick then stay that way,, wash you hands and if needed, wear a mask,, Usually the flu starts in feb but this year started about 3 weeks ago and now it will go pandemic,, I currently have 8 patients in the hospital with the flu and pneumonia, most are elderly,, so, if your elderly relatives START to get sick, then get them to their doctor right away so as to get the proper treatment so they don't get real sick,,

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    • Many get sick in Winter and early Spring because of a lack of sunshine and vitamin D. Go see dr. joe mercola, online.

    • My advise, DON'T fall for "Flu shots", instead get some ph test strips and, if not in a range of #$%$ take measures to get it in that range. When ph is outside those parameters, you may be setting yourself up for major disease. An alternative that always worked for me is garlic, and/or garlic capsules. Take 'em at first hint of symptoms. Caution, it is said that some should not take garlic, maybe they are to filled up with "junk" from drugs?

    • C, thanks for the advice. Happy New Year.

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      • Wow! This is the problem with health care today. Watching too much Dr. Phil. Garlic? Are you serious. Why I do not object to taking garlic supplements, as they can be beneficial to your health, this Cleveland Clinic trained physician and 645,000 shares of ACTC says do yourself a favor and get a flu shot if you have any health or immunosuppressed condition. This year's flu will laugh at your garlic. And you will just be another statistic raising our health care premiums dollars.

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    • This is exactly why I don't do flu shots, and I have ROBUST health in my clan...I'd rather eat my eggs scrambled or poached, insread of injecting them. Is it possible the shots are doing what it is intended to do.....hmmmmm?

      Of course the majority would be the elderly, members of the "sub-population". Coincidence that this is the largest segments of our population that will, according to the purveyors of fear and pain, be "draining" our healthcare resources, even though they had paid into the system. The grand plan is to "despatch" the sub-population, a lib cost savings plan, then use the "New money" to ramp up the welfare state for the "prime popupation", who are already brainwashed and wards of the state....

      This is the "sustainability" plan in Agenda 21 and population control of the "useless population", our beloved nanas and papas. Lib created the "fiscal cliff" to distract from the real cliff our elderly and sick will start going over in the next few hours. Turn on the conveyor belts, lineup the bags, the bodies are coming over the cliffs.

      Sustainability and Population control is here, kicking off the flu season. As Craig mentioned, we already have a "head start", three weeks early. It will start earlier and earlier as the years go by. Also, the flu season will last longer and longer as the year go by.

    • "Unfortunately the flu shot this year is not as effective as hoped"

      Doc, where did you get that info from? Because I read where this years flu shot is very effective, but that only about 37% of Americans get flu shots, and there in lies the problem.

    • Guys, whats really scarey is the Bird Flu which is H1N1 and is out of Asia,, it is mostly chickens and ducks and has not yet mutated to man,, but if it does, it is estimated to kill 1/3 of the worlds population,, there is no immunity,,anyone who handles a sick chicken etc, 60% die and it is mostly young patients,, what happens is that the immune system kicks in overdrive and drowns the lungs,, the last pandemic like this was in 1919 I believe, and they come around about every 100 years,, They are trying to work on a vaccine right now,,

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      • "Guys, whats really scarey is the Bird Flu which is H1N1 and is out of Asia,, it is mostly chickens and ducks and has not yet mutated to man,, but if it does, it is estimated to kill 1/3 of the worlds population,, "

        OMG Doc, you sure an alarmist on the last day of the year. And I always thought doctors were supposed to calm folks, not scare them half to death, must be that new mecicine you're practicing down there in By God West Virgina.

    • Thanks for the warning, craig, since it is already tough enough going and we need to be geared up here since those of us who somehow managed to survive the end of the world and the current flu are now faced with the Fiscal Cliff and suddenly are now told that Jan. 1 is also the Dairy Cliff. On top of all this, in one of history's great oxymorons, two weeks after the Fiscal Cliff we are somehow going in the opposite direction to hit the Debt Ceiling. Oy Vey, Woe is Us. Good luck to all. :)

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