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  • sjohn290 Dec 31, 2012 3:52 PM Flag

    Batting 1000.%

    15 out of 15 losers O.A. for the year! But, this includes losers I haven't sold in 5-8 years! Gosh, am I stupid!

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    • Sjohn, remember it only takes one winner to wipe out all those losers, and ACTC is the one to do it 2013.

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      • sjohn290 Jan 1, 2013 1:06 AM Flag

        That is what I believed, when I came on-board, but I may be running out of time! ACTC popped good enough a year ago, that if it happens again while at my computer, I may be able to exit at a wash. If it pops like two years ago, I might even make a profit! Here is hoping we all get our money back, plus a lot more. When I first got in @ 0.14, two years ago,I was hoping for a ten bagger, now a double seems attractive! Hoping we all do well, even karen.

      • Sjohn, keep listening to baggies and you get what you deserve. too many critical questions you are not asking. hype=baggie=down 75%=trapped in a penny stock that everyone wants out of=wait for the next dilution and it's too late. averaging down actc is the precursor to sudden death. the chart says it all, but does not come close to showing the personal destruction brought about by a pps down 99% with zero sign of abating, and despite the lying hypsters, there is no possibility of the kind of good news that might magically lift the pps. zero events for a long time to come.

        the pumpers know there is no news that will save them. Ergo ambiguity in every one of their posts. but it's your buck to lose, i suppose.