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  • nocash_harry nocash_harry Jan 2, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    I really hate to be a gossip but...

    Ron Meyer Jr., spokesperson for the activist group American Majority Action, Appeared on MSNBC with Martin Bashir where he said that he is hearing rumors form reliable sources that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) will resign the speakership tonight.

    “We need a new Speaker,” Meyer said. “There are serious rumors that at the conference tonight, at 5 o’clock, John Boehner will announce to the conference that he is resigning as Speaker of the House.”

    Bashir said he found that hard to believe, to which Meyer replied that he also found it unlikely. Bashir pressed and asked if there was any evidence to back this up or a candidate who is seeking to replace Boehner as speaker. Meyer replied that he thought Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) was spearheading this “coup,” but had no evidence to back that up.

    “I’m not going to name names, just watch tonight,” Meyer said.

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    • harry-no-brains, I am not sure who is lacking in brains, martian basher or "no-brains-harry? Meyer did a good number on your ranks, who are so eager looking for false witness to bear on GOP types. Your "gossip" certainly made MSNBC very "credible" as usual...NOT!

      But for lies, you libs will have nothing to say, since ya lack brains...bwahahahahaha.

      BTW, John Boehner is still speaker, tell that to Martian also. I wonder why these slackers are paid any money.

    • MSNBC, are you serious,, is it that dumb Lawrence guy too,, Boehner is not perfect but like Lars said, he is being pulled in tons of directions, and I here alot of whining but see no one lookin to take his seat,, I'm sure his life has sucked the last several days, and certianally with no help from those dumb a*s*s hard line conservatives,, I say if they cannot compromise, then throw them off the cliff, one by one, I bet they would change their tunes pretty dam quick,, unbelievable fk heads,, I would not blame Boehner one bit if he resigns,,

      Sentiment: Hold

    • American Majority Action is a creeper sight. Boehner is doing the best he can while being pulled in 10 different directions. I hope they are blowing their usual hot air.