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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Jan 3, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    O/T- Journal News

    This NY leftist news paper is listing persons names and addresses that own handguns and publishing this information in the paper,, Putnam Co NY is refusing to give up names and addresses of their citizens for this POS newspaper to publish,, the paper is endangering the lives of the folks that own the guns and at the same time endangering folks that dont have guns,, what the hell is wrong with these go*dam people that they would knowingly put peoples lives at risk just to get their stupid point across that guns are so bad,, they could potentially get many folks killed in the name of free press,, unbelievable,,

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Doc, why are you so afraid of letting people know who ownes guns? I think as a doctor, that works in ER, you'd be more concerned about all deaths by guns in this country every year. Besides licensed gun ownership is on public record, for all to access anyway:

      "The Journal News published the names and addresses of licensed gun owners across New York's Westchester and Rockland counties. The information was publicly available — something anyone can access through a Freedom of Information Act request. But the newspaper's move to post an interactive map with the data online brought a heated reaction."