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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Jan 7, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    O/T-Gun Control

    So Obama sends out Biden to bump up gun control,, and I hope that this bump up is to prevent the mentally ill from getting access to a firearms and that Obamacare will provide more treatment for the mentally ill,, To try and take guns from law abiding citizens is just stupid and will never hold ground,, criminals don't give a shiet about gun laws, go after them,, and look at ABC news sheet right now and it shows a picture of that creep that killed all those folks in Colo., who the hell would sell that nut a gun,,
    Other than that there are more important stuff the law makers need to worry about, mainly, to figure out how to stop spending money we don't have,,

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    • Keep,, I have about 30 guns that are mostly hand me down antiques and hold some sentimental value,, I carry a 045 Kimber Ultra Carry in my brief case and never leave home without it,, no I have never had to point a gun at anyone but most everyone knows I have it and the druggies stay away,, and I keep a sawed off shot gun in my office,, to think that you are safe in a situation like mine is just plain stupid,, people on drugs do all kinds of crazy shiet and they don't give a fk about the law as most criminals don't,, why would I take the chance and endanger my girls and myself or family when I can secure protection, unless I was a total dumbshiet,,

      Elk,, that high and mighty and noble I guess to treat the druggies, but for the most part, they don't want anything but drugs and you cannot reason with someone who is high,, and frankly, I have folks that want my help,, if a druggie comes to me for help, then I provide the best for them as I have done countless times in the past, but to think that you can blanketly (dont know if that is a word) help all these poeple is naive,, most don't want help until they bottom,, and that is just the way it is,,
      Now,, let Obama and Biden have a circle jerk with all their dumb#$%$ friends on gun control, and at the same time be protected by someone with a gun,, their stance is just ridiculous,, do me or my family deserve any less protection than they?,,

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    • Doc, there you are rattling again, supplying no facts to support your position. So how many guns do you own? And have you ever used a gun to save someone from a criminal attack? Personnally I wouldn't care if it were illegal to own any gun, afterall the 2nd amendment(the right to bear arms) was written back when the country was new and we didn't have a standing army to protect us from oustside forces, so the people were allowed to bear arms so that they could protect the country from outside invasion, but today with the advancement in weaponry it would be an impossible thing to do. So if we're are live by this 16th century amendment, why not update it to todays weaponry standards, by allowing civilians to own tanks, anti aircraft guns, even nuclear weapons?

    • Catt,, it will all happen here, its just a matter of time,, govt employees don't give a shiet about anything,, you think they will give a rats a*s*s about your life,, wait about 5 years and see what Odumbocare is all about,,

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    • What does this gun #$%$ have to do with ACTC? Your on the wrong bbs.

    • Re: "..look at ABC news sheet right now and it shows a picture of that creep that killed all those folks in Colo., who the hell would sell that nut a gun,,.."

      Right you are, craig, except that no one wants to take your guns away. On the other hand, if you make guns incredibly easy to get, the real criminals and nuts will get them incredibly easily.

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    • Do a search for William Shatner on Gun Control :)