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  • cake_monkey_mayhem cake_monkey_mayhem Jan 11, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    OT - BTW FP re:Sprint and SIGA

    fwiw the S train may be done, for me it's a sell 70% and just leave the other 30%
    Also SIGA could be setting up for a big move, third time with the buy below 2.5 and sell above 3 but this time I am holding on for a feel like the ride has just begun.

    PS, There were three crullers dressed in pink and white asking about you, they looked really tasty and heard you had a jacuzzi filled with coffee. Send the wife out, I think they're coming to visit.

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    • SIGA just made a new 52 week high. Meanwhile, ACTC has been going through a churning which feels closer and closer to being complete. When it is done it's either to .04 or to .40, one is a buying opportunity and one is a selling op, ask the donuts which is which.

    • Cake,
      I owned SIGA for many years ... from under $2 to over $15. What a ride. Unfortunately, I didn't get off at the top and saw a lot of my profit disappear with the PIP fiasco. It's on my radar, too because if that verdict is overturned, it WILL fly. Damage to the downside if not, very limited, imo!


      Isn't that Drod a pain in the #$%$? Nasty, bitter man!

    • Cake, Sprint was the big gain I took last year. None left. Still holding SIGA but have not followed quite a while. The other great performers were my refineries, but still holding on. Let me know if you like a specific sector.

      Coffee in Jacuzzi !!!!! With cream !!!!

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      • Cake you most likely agree with this picture. I like to invest in sectors where I see myself that folks are making money. Most of the time after the SP rises over 50% I get the newsletters pitching the trend. Refineries in certain or specific locations up North are the latest example.

        I have a few 100% gain

        Time to get out, at least for me.

        But here is something which actually could revive the US economy quite a bit. Distillates and products from basic materials like oil are gaining strong momentum in the USA.

        The USA has messed up the production sector and it will be next to impossible to get it back, but distillates is something the US knows how to do.

        Transporting oil and gas still my favorite. "EPT" good dividend !!!!

      • I've got SIGA also, it is an interesting one.

        Sentiment: Buy