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  • jomama603 jomama603 Jan 18, 2013 10:06 AM Flag

    the science...............................


    will and research always clash......................the proof is in the puddin'............"whatever that means"...........................perna

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    • The correct phrase is "the proof is in the eating of the pudding", a 14th century proverb. In those days proof = test and the pudding was something like a haggis. The meaning is: To fully test something you must experience it yourself.

    • Science gold but, nobody giving credit to GR for .56 valuation in today's market-that's some prediction and he sold it. If you screw up the pudding recipe chemistry-it's noticeable immediately, Proof is in end result. Financing fiction into fact is long and expensive w/ a unforeseeable winding path.

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      • Huh? .56 was the max valuation to ensure they receive a substancial number of shares. As it reads the valuation will be the lowest of the three methods. Its an irrelevent number to ensure a short lived spike wont dilute the qty of shares they receive. A volitility ceiling if you will should the company decided to pull the valuation up on news to mitigate dilution. Even if they hit a buck they would convert at .56. That said I do find the number interesting as its probably based on some valuation that takes potential near term opertunities into account. IMHO

      • D,
        Are you thinking that was NOT a typo? I can't quite figure it out. On the one hand, I agree with you that it is quite a promise by GR, but, it ties into the low that was just visited in the .056 range, too?