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  • lizdan_7 lizdan_7 Jan 18, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    What you need to Understand

    When you purchase a stock, you need to purchase that stock for where you believe the Company is going. The only one's that really know where the Company is heading is the COMPANY. NOT BASHERS and alike. On every stock even Apple and Google when they first started out there were those BASHING the stock. So please look at this example of today. If you listened to the Bashers instead of yourself and what you feel, not what you hear, you probably sold. I am not saying selling is bad, no not at all. But sell or buy because of what you feel, not what others are saying, do your own homework on the Company. Bashers are here solely to scare stock holders to sell. Now if they have some CONCRETE evidence of what they are talking about, now that would be a different story. But as I have said the ONLY one's that know what it happening concerning the Company is the COMPANY.

    Always do as you FEEL,
    NOT what you HEAR.

    Happy investing to all Sellers and Buyers

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    • Re: "...the ONLY one's that know what it happening concerning the Company is the COMPANY."

      au contraire, I do have to say, lizdan. The Company is often totally at sea and awash in various swells here and there then trying to slip away from a reported hurricane only to end up in Saragasso dead wind zone then being tossed a tow line that begins to fray and threatens to break as another tow line is promised but seems to be taking forever to appear. Then as the new rope begins to appear they are suddenly blindsided on the starboard side by the charging catamaran named Debenture Lawsuit or something like that, etc., etc.

      Many Companies have excitedly released news they knew was going to take them to new levels only to see it barely noticed. They are often enough just like singers who have no idea why certain of their songs (sometimes ones they themselves don't especially like) became enormous hits while others (which they loved) went nowhere. Companies are not all knowing like The Market.

      And for that matter, the all knowing Market also knows very little.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy