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  • booskiadam booskiadam Jan 20, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

    Imported foods... Disturbing please help


    Well I just had a bowl of plain Cheerios. The after taste is nasty. I think the fillers and artificial flavorings have ruined most foods. I have a kweschin..... I know that if the product is made in another country is will be listed on the box as to where it is made.... Pardon my skeptisism, most corperate food companies have distribution information only not where they are manufactired. I know by the lable that Grahm Crackers are made in Mexico, I type in to google (paid for answers) where are Grahm Crackers made RESULTS : nothing to do with the place or factory where Juan Pablo is peeing in the cracker barrell (jk)... MY KWESCHIN! : Where can I find an honest site where the manufacturing location of foods we eat daily is accurate?

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