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  • gherty gherty Jan 20, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

    Here is me letting out a bit of an scream.

    It is true that the trails are not done yet. It is also true that most big pharma deals would not happen till much later in the game. But there are enough positive signs that might make a forward movement possible. This coming week will be telling.


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    • Half way through P1. P2 required enrollment with will probably start a few months after P1 is complete... There is little hope of any support from a partner until the end of P2. After the rd you will see dilution back to the point it is now. This stock will not get to the levels most of you people are predicting. $1 is not possible by the end of the month or even the end of the year.

      The same people that are posting these inane prediction have called for $2 per share 3 years ago. When someone posts true but ugly facts you people swell up like toads. What is really telling but sad the facts are not disputed.

      When the facts make you highly agitated it should tell you something.

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      • Not sure about 1 or 3 but the price per share that I think is fair for where we are is around 0.30 -0.50. Since the potential market is over $30B and we have around 2B shares, had we finished anything that would make a strt $15 PPS. Since we are at the P1/2 level we could look for the above fair values.

        In regards to those who get mad about others opinions, not sure if you are talking to me or not. I have been around for a vary long time and that hat does not fit this head.