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  • keep_investing keep_investing Jan 22, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Nj, Maurie Hill answered your blog

    Have you read it yet?

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    • Maurie Hill Danny_NJ•5 hours ago−

      Hi Danny,
      No, I am not offended. Sorry for delated response. I had my six month appointment recently and there isn't any dramatic news except that my vision seems to be holding stable. I asked the doc if we can conclude at this point whether there will be no improvement or if there still could be improvement. The answer, as I suspected is that there just hasn't been a big enough pool of people who have had this procedure to make any predictions about what may happen in the coming months. I started with absolutely no useful central vision in my treated eye and I don't notice any difference at this point. My right eye has some pieces of useful central vision and my peripheral vision is normal, so with both eyes looking at a face, I can tell if they are smiling as long as they're close enough. I think normal peripheral vision is somewhere between 20/200 and 20/400.

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      • FWIW, everyone please remember that as one of the first patients injected, the primary test for Maurie was for safety, not efficacy. There are approximately 5,000,000 RPE cells in a human eye. Presumably a lot of the RPE cells in her eyes are damaged. Possibly on the order of 20% or more? 100,000 cells injected is less than 2% of what a normal human eye should have.

        That she has any improvement at all is a good thing. That it is holding stable is a good thing.

        I'm as eager for ACTC to be successful as anyone else. If it worked in labs, if it is safe in humans and the next step is to see what kind of injections are required for efficacy, I'm willing to be patient. I don't want them to screw the pooch.

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      • Thanks Blackmarango, I appreciate that. So the cells are stable in her eyes, now her body needs to tell them what to do------this is actually incredible to follow this science as it developes. It just takes time.

      • Keep, thanks for letting us know. I'm glad I asked her now, at first I thought I'd gone over the line. Since she is the first with this 100K procedure, no one can say for sure what may happen yet. Thanks again.