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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Jan 22, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    Breaking... Yet another school shooting, Texas college


    Reportedly 2 shot. What is it going to take to get through to these right wing nut jobs that we need better gun control????

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    • I have a SOLUTION!!!!!
      In this world, there are far more Good People than Bad People. If everyone of us have a gun like having a cellular phone. A Bad Guy that pull out his gun and make the shot would find himself surrounded by all the Good Guys that could pull out their gun and shoot that Bad Guy from all his directions. Imagine how that could stop the Bad Guy the moment he commit a crime. We should make gun a norm to our society, and have gun ed like driver ed and sex ed for our children in school. More guns equal better society because there are more Good People than Bad People.

      Am I brilliant??? DaNgg.....I should take my idea to the NRA.

    • Is Dr Lanza related?

    • such a pity....

    • Yeah,gun control ,like look at Chicago with its vise grip control. Doesn't seem to stop the criminals from plying their trades of murder and mayham.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Whats it gonna take to get these Liberal Nut jobs to understand Gun control is NOT the answer! Better Mental Health programs - maybe. Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country and the highest Homicide rates. Media only reports the shootings and never reports the tens of thousands of lives saved every year because victims were able to defend themselves.

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      • do not try to explain anything to these liberal idiots - it is a waste of time....

      • Do you need high-capacity asault weapon to protect yourself and do hunting for sport? If in a country tens of thousands save their lives using guns while defending, there is certainly fundamnetally something wrong with that country's society? Do they all need psychiatric help? How many criminals are killed by defenders defending themselves with guns? Any statistics or just a brainwashing lie by NRA and the gun manufacturers?

        My point is that if you take away guns from the hands of criminals, why would other citizens need guns to protect themselves? A lot of civilized and advanced countries like Gt. Britain, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan and so forth have ban on guns and they have far lower murder rates than here? Are these countries more civilized than our country?

        Any body who claims his/her right per the second amendment to own gun to take a percieved criminal's life, there is also a right of those parents and siblings whose kids and close relatives have been murdered by some one with an easily acquired gun, don't they? Then, whose demand should the nation entertain? And, by the way, those very gun owners who claim themselves to be Christians, isn't it hypocratic to muder other human beings, whether criminal or not, to defend themselves because the God is the one who gave life also to those criminals and God alone has the right to take those lives and not you?

        I just can't understand how long would this prevalent selfishness hiding behind the covers of the amendment rights and self-defense last to reach that civilized state where no body has a fear of any body! Gandhi's exhibition of importance of non-violence in a civilized society is just down the drain and meaningless, I guess!!

      • Jwalker, are you insane? And it was under President Reagan that the federal cut mental health care, putting many of the mentally ill out on the street. And I beg you to show proof that tens of thousands of lives are saved every year by gun toting nutjobs, like you, because just ain't true, as neither are you.