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  • keep_investing keep_investing Jan 23, 2013 7:47 AM Flag

    No news again today - what does that portend?

    Lets see, yesterday it was down on decent but not earth shaking news, so today with no news it'll probaby be up, because thats how things move in this psychotic stock market world that we all foolishly trade in.
    Warren Buffett is right, in that the average joe/jane should put their money in an index fund, and put it in at small chunks at a time, not all at once. And that's good advice for the younger set, but if you're older you need to take a chance on more volatile speculative plays to try and make it big, just as long as you don't leverage
    (go into debt) it or place all your savings on one play like ACTC. Remember, that buying ACTC at this stage of it's life is nothing but a gamble, it's like playing at a Casino, except at the Casino you win or lose(mostly lose) instantly, whereas when gambling on ACTC you must wait a long time, with many up's and down's, before learning your evenual fate. And every day requires a gut check with this stock, and some have it, and some don't, and thats why we see all this trading every day.

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    • Warren Buffet was on CBS on Sunday. They teased us with the prospect that he may tell us of a good stock investment or two, but he did not. He's got a very positive attitude, one that I lack. I guess I'd have a positive attitude too if everything in my life always went my way as he admitted to. He also said don't look back. In some cases that is good and I need to employ that more, but I'm not sure how to not look back. If you've messed things up, I think some reflection is necessary to see where you messed up and how to avoid it. Yeah Keep, if you are older like I am (relatively speaking) there simply isn't the time to wait decades for stocks to grow. I knew I was taking a risk here, but that's what I've done often. I'd rather take the risk here as it has the potential to benefit me in ways other than cashola. I've been to the casino and ever since the economic downturn, the one arm bandit programmers have set up all the machines to scarf all your money and pay out very little. A most definite loser. I'm not sure why the stock went up a couple weeks ago, so who knows why it does what it does, there's no rhyme or reason yet. So we'll all sit, speculate, beeyatch and moan, compare notes and keep our fingers crossed for the best. It's very early in this game. Anything could happen.

    • Long periods with no news is the best time to buy. .08 by end of week if nothing is said. I'm buying there.

    • Do yourself a favor and wait 6 months before checking the price of ACTC again. IMO you will be very pleased

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • idiot lib.....

    • Keep.. unlike everyone else here I sort of agree with you. We are old and a few years ago we put 90% of our assets into cash equivalents and 10% into speculative issues. Made some money on ARIA and put roughly 50% into ACTC and the rest split between AZXS, INO, and NBS. We sleep well at night and the 10% in stocks has grown to around 20%. If they all go bust, we will still eat. If one or two take off, I might buy another boat and learn to navigate the Bahamas. Life is good.

    • First, why do you expect news everyday? It doesn't work that way.

      Second, I agree with you about index funds, and I'd add ETF's and MF's. But you are off the reservation if you believe that being older is a reason to take on more risk - its exactly the opposite. If you are near retirement and have funds in excess of what you'll need to retire and you want to be speculative with those more discretionary funds then fine. But unless you have that security, you should be happy with market based returns remembering that your investing doesn't stop at retirement.

      I've said that you, NJ and some others really don't have the temperament for stocks and you prove it daily. Hopefully, most of your money is in less risky, more diverse investments rather then in a highly speculative, bulletin board stock.

    • keepinFesting must really be a politician because he spews a lot of words with no substance.