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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Jan 24, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    Great article on Fraudzy's Hero and Master... Glenn Beck


    Glenn Beck’s Conspiracy Theory About Conspiracy Theories

    Posted by Mark on January 24, 2013 at 2:40 am.
    Sometimes the dementia of right-wing fabulists is a richer vein of comedy than a Marx Brothers marathon. And speaking of Marx (Karl), his press agent, Glenn Beck, is contributing more than his fair share of unintentional hilarity to a nation thirsty for humor.

    On his silly and mostly ignored webcast, Beck set out to warn his flock of the dangers of getting sucked into conspiracy theories. He expressed his deep concern that people understand that the real reason these tall tales are disseminated is to distract unsuspecting citizens from the evils being perpetrated by the government. You know…evils like the conspiracy theories Beck espouses.

    Beck is America’s preeminent source for conspiracy theories. He just published a book titled “Agenda 21″ that is based on a nightmare fable of the United Nations subjugating the world to slavery on the pretense of building sustainable communities. He produced a three day Fox News spectacular revealing that George Soros is also plotting to rule the world. He’s certain that the art and architecture of Manhattan conceals communist propaganda. And who can forget his sermons on the Islamic cabal, in league with Western European socialists, to restore the ancient Caliphate and, of course, rule the world.

    Now the master of conspiracy madness is revealing a deep cover plot too scandalous to believe (video below). Beck has discovered that the whole birther mess was actually devised and implemented by a scheming White House in an attempt to divert attention away from a dastardly blueprint to bankrupt America and deliver its carcass to her enemies.

    Beck: “The only time you ever heard about [Obama's birth certificate] was from the lunatic fringe – and I mean a very, very, small group of people that were talking about it – but the White House was the one that was constantly bringing it up and stirring the pot.”

    That’s right. It was a very small group of people consisting mainly of Fox News anchors and pundits, right-wing activists and Tea Partiers, and the lunatic fringe more commonly known as the Republican Party. The mini-faction included unknown, media-shy characters like Mitt Romney surrogate, Donald Trump. This tiny, almost imperceptible, collective of outliers had little influence on public opinion unless you count the polls that show nearly half of “staunch conservatives” saying that they think Obama was not born in the U.S.

    Now that Beck has exposed the truth that conspiracy theories are really covert diversions, the only unanswered question is whether the conspiracy theories Beck spins are themselves distractions from the government’s clandestine plots. How can we know that Beck is not a part of the plot to draw attention away from far more fiendish exploits contrived by federal super-villains? If conspiracy theories are government plots, and no one is more adept at constructing them than Beck, well ….. connect the dots.

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    • If you listen to Glenn more than two seconds you quickly find a person of very low brain power, a jerk, a real dummy a shallow unstable peron that Fox news endorses

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      • bwahahahahahahahahahaa!
        the lib has spoken...

      • Remember when Beck had that silly little rally in DC, a few thousand showed up but you'd think it was the second coming of Christ the way Faux and the right wing Corporate Megaphone portrayed it. It was hilarious to watch, the people were standing around chatting to each other but on cue, when the bright camera lights came on they'd all come alive and face the camera and start with their rehearsed "grass roots" garbage. When the lights went down, they'd go back to talking about where you can get rubber soled flip flops and which off brand whiskey tastes like the expensive stuff. Yet, when MILLIONS marched and protested against the Iraq war, it was a mere blip on the evening news on all the GOP funded and controlled Corporate Megaphone channels. Last year Beck supposedly forgot to set the parking brake on a Ford Explorer he and his family just arrived in and the thing went sailing away down a hill and was totalled. Who not only forgets to set the parking brake on a hill, not to mention putting the thing in park? Someone abusing anti-anxiety drugs, that's who. He's got that wierd cognitive dissonance over who he really is, who he wants people to believe he is and who his mommy always told him he was. He's a mess and it doesn't say much for those who "follow" him, are people really that brain dead? Oh yeah !!!! LOL.