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  • beenkip beenkip Jan 25, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    Folks, There is no chance republicans win any election unless they follow OBAMAS lead.. So let them watch


    Fox and Sara P....

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    • yeah ,he's leading the nation down the path of destruction

      • 1 Reply to mbeegle63
      • mbee, "down the path of destruction" ? LOL LOL. You mean like ignoring the warning that Bin Laden was determined to attack within the US and then we got attacked one month later ON OUR SHORES and THOUSANDS DIED? Or do you mean like lying to get into 2 wars that subsequent generations would be stuck paying for, dragging the economy down? Or did you mean "down the path of destruction" like deregulating Wall Street so they could gamble away everyone's retirement account, lose it all, then make the American Taxpayers pay them back all their losses? Or did you mean "down the path of destruction" as in ruining the economy, totally, sinking it to the point of massive job lay offs-only to then pass this disaster onto a new incoming president? LOL LOL. Oh that's right, you RepubliCONS live in your own alternate universe where up is down, down is up, lies are reality and truth non-existant. So, with that in mind I guess your definition of "down the path of destruction" must actually mean "up the highway of success" right? Well, under GOP CONS definitioms, you are correct !!! LOL. What fools. Stop your anti-American behaviors and try supporting this country for a change. You're nothing but a party of Benedict Arnolds. Face it losers, your sad losing party is dying out and even with your legislators trying to rewrite laws so you can steal elections, you STILL can't win. A true minority and getting smaller. Don't cry. As your girl the quitter and loser Sarah Palin says "Man Up" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.