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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Jan 26, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    An oldie but goodie for Fraudz...Lets review


    Trust me Fraudz, your life is beyond repair. So what exactly is the problem with SD? Arern't you a Conservative? Isn't Conserve sort of in the name? You really have a problem with trying to sustain natural resources for future generations? How is this evil?
    Isn't your body the temple of the Lord? why do you stuff your face with cruelly raise, factory farm fast food chick filet when you know 1) How the deplorable conditions of the factory farm are and 2) how bad fried food is for your temple.3) The pig that God forbids you to eat had it worse than the chickens.
    So as a Christian, so far you have taken a stand protecting wealth and the wealthy, even though our Lord tells us a rich man can not enter Heaven, and now you are defending your God given right to deface your holy temple with trans fats, processed meats, and sugary drinks packed with teeth and gut rotting sucroses. Not to mention you enjoy the gun culture, which glorifies killing. Then there is the destruction of Creation. You, as a Christian, think the EPA should get out of the way of strip miners, oil drillers and spillers, frackers and smokestacks. So what I can conclude is the average Conservative Christian is an obese fast food eater, a water carrier for the wealthy, a gun nut and an profiteer bent on destroying creation. Do you now understand why us Christian Lefties who actually try to follow the teachings from the Sermon on the Mount don't want to be mistaken for you folks?

    Pay attention and heed my words, fraudz. The good Lord introduced us for a reason.

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