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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Jan 26, 2013 9:37 PM Flag

    Hey loser GOP CON Tea Bags, please follow your leader Palin into oblivion. LOL

    All the corporate money grabbing pretend-to-care quitting Tea Bag set are one by one going back to where they came from, IRRELEVANCE. LOL. This is just way too funny, it really is. The big money billionaires loaded up there busses and carted the ignorant to these Tea Bag rallies where FAUX News was ready-set-go with cameras to make them appear to be something we should care about. Now, WHOOPS, that didn't work so the billionaires have jettisoned the poor saps and are looking for a new investment. The sad sad part of this for the GOP is just what I've said since last year. There will be a few of these #$%$ who actually believe the press that corporate money gave them last year and will still believe they are a majority. Those few delusional ones will splinter off from the GOP creating a super minority for both them and the Republican party. I hate to say it, no I don't I love to say it, the Republican party is going to be a minority for a long time to come. They never paid for what they've done to this country and they are getting what they deserve-destroyed from the inside out. They ruined this country's reputation, economy and the lives of it's citizens and had the audacity to blame the next man who took the reigns. Fools. You'll see them respond to this here, below. And in reading the negative remarks you'll see why their party will retain it's minority status for years to come. WE THE PEOPLE, THE MAJORITY have moved far far away from the crazy garbage and we ain't going back. Spew on Cons, Spew on, get all that anger at YOURSELVES out now, it's ok to blame everyone but yourselves, that's the alternate reality you-the minority-live in. The rest of us have chosen to move FORWARD, you had your chance, and you destroyed our beloved America. Thank GOD for President Obama.

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