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  • keep_investing keep_investing Jan 28, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    Just another down day, but....

    ....the good part is that it brings us one day closer to when they have the cure.

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    • well that may not be true. There is a ton of competition for amd/smd. If Langer or Lanza, or Rabin were as confident as you about a "cure", they would be buying shares on the open market. As of today, none of them bought a single share, though they have zero problems dumping the ones you give them for free every year.

      p.s. the esteemed Dr. Langer, BOD member hailed by all Lanza lovers, gets very few free shares compared to Lanza and Rabin,,,,if actc goes to a dollar tomorrow, Langer won't get rich on his number of free shares.

      Yet, if believed NOW was the time to invest in actc because things were about to get better, do you think he would buy one or two shares open market? Obvious answer is yes. Let his first buy be your signal to "invest" in actc, if and when that ever happens.