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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Jan 29, 2013 7:25 PM Flag

    Letter to the editor of the Newtown Bee. (Do a search on "Brendan Duffy Newtown Bee.)


    Elected Officials Are Fundamentally Dishonest

    To the Editor:

    This letter was forwarded to Barack Obama, John Boehner, Chris Murphy, #$%$ Blumenthal, Elizabeth Esty, and Harry Reid

    I live in Sandy Hook, CT. My family and close friends weren't harmed on December 14. That day impacted 26 families with an indescribable, staggering pain and anguish. For most of Sandy Hook, it merely affected us with an inescapable intensity of sadness and grief.

    Gun control has long been a focus of many in this country. Though I'm not knowledgeable of all the nuances of the Second Amendment, based on the Founding Fathers' circumstances, it had far more to do with enabling the citizenry to protect themselves against tyrannical government than against local psychopaths. It is about providing a balanced firepower so when King George's successor came knocking on your door, you could fight back. Government today is no less inclined to abuse its authority than it was then. Based on the absurd and ongoing power grab that is present day Washington, it's as threatening as ever.

    That so many of you view the NRA with its resistance to further restrictions on firearms as intransigent lunatics has far more to do with how you conduct yourselves in office than it does with the NRA's actions.

    You in public office are fundamentally dishonest people. You lead lives of deception at every turn, structuring your lives as comfortably as you can while governing with an indifference and arrogance that is absolutely maddening. When the country is reeling from financial disaster, you waste a trillion dollars on a health care bill we can't afford and you've never read. You claim it's critical because health care costs are killing this country... no they're not, you are! You are killing this country. You endorse the ongoing slaughter of millions of unborn children and whine when terrorists are water boarded. You can't lecture us right in Newtown High School about not doing enough to keep our children safe, while simultaneously slaughtering the unborn. You fabricate the intense, media laden drama of the fiscal cliff and lack the courage to do anything about truly reforming the obscene gluttony of government. You know you'll be out of office before the bill comes due… you don't care and have no integrity nor honor.

    You lie whenever and wherever you need to to move forth your agenda. Were you able, you would purge the US of guns… every last gun in the country, if you could. So please forgive Wayne LaPierre and those of us who don't trust you as far as we can spit. You're a dishonest lot, motivated by a distorted worldview. If mass murder prevention were truly your goal, you would welcome armed security wherever needed. It is outrageous that we protect our money with far more firepower than we protect our children.

    I have never owned a gun, nor wanted to as intensely as right now. You'll stop restricting guns when only you have them.

    Brendan Duffy

    4 Chestnut Knoll Drive, Sandy Hook January 8, 2013

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Yes, poleo, this wonderful guy Brendan Duffy does exist and he looks like a regular up at Schroon Lake, NY, with what's still left from Jack Wyrtzen's Southern Baptist Evangelical RWNJ Word of Life community where they are still trying to squeeze the Pleistocene Era into the last 6,000 years and also feel nostalgic about the days when they all used saddle up their dinosaurs for friendly jaunts around the Adirondack hills.

      Back in 2008 when George W. was finally taking some real heat and moving toward his all time nadir point for getting us into two wars and fighting them off the budget while cutting taxes and ginning up big pharma all at enormous cost to us and the country, this RWNJ tried to talk the people of Newtown into a few moments of optimism (see another letter of his below). Oh and try he did, he did. But, clearly, little did he know or discern that the country was within weeks of the financial meltdown brought on by the Bush Administration, one that brought chaos and almost imploded the financial network of the world. Note especially that at that moment in 2008 one of the nuggets of optimism Duffy offered was "*More than 96 percent of Americans continue to make their mortgage payments on time." That line would be hilarious if it wasn't now so fraught with sadness.



      To the Editor [of The Newton Bee]:

      I spent Independence Day weekend at a ranch in the Adirondacks with 12 friends and family members. We went horseback riding, swimming, boating and played basketball, tennis, ladder ball, and volleyball. We watched beautiful fireworks with 10,000 other Americans, over the serene waters of Schroon Lake, accompanied by a choir singing patriotic songs. We ate traditional summer fare including hot dogs, ribs, french fries, and corn. The food and accommodations were less than we had expected; it didn't dampen the weekend a bit. It elicited a few comical remarks which will enhance our fond memories. The weather was great, the company was priceless. We had limited Internet access and almost no TV access. Newspapers were locally unavailable; we made substantial progress on books we are reading.

      I watched with awe as my growing daughters and their friends and cousins interacted and enjoyed each other, and as my wife continued the creation of her magic relationship with my children. The entire weekend renewed my faith in myself, in my family, and in my country. Despite the ongoing barrage of negative information we are all attacked by daily, no one in our group dwelled on nor even acknowledged the dark side.

      We learned of notable academic achievements of our respective children. We learned of new business adventures upon which friends and relatives are embarking. We met and spent time with people from all over the Northeast who spoke positively about life.

      The worldwide press, led by The New York Times, generally goes out of its way to disparage Americans about their country. Following are some nuggets of optimism to stem the tide of broadcast misery:

      *More than 96 percent of Americans continue to make their mortgage payments on time. Like the S&L mess in the 1980s, the subprime debacle will pass.

      *While increased demand and limited supply drive gas prices to $4.50/gallon and beyond, market pressures will deliver new technologies and revisit old technologies to offset this present situation. America will lead the way in this development.

      *Though extremely costly, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are part of an overall defense budget that is only about four percent of GDP, about the same as during the Kennedy administration.

      *While every life lost is a life-changing tragedy for the families involved, casualties are incredibly, historically low for these wars.

      *Regardless of who wins the Presidency, two statements are extremely likely: A) The US will emerge victorious from these regions; B) A US force will be present in the Middle East for many years to come and will thereby ensure stability. We have done and continue to do the right thing in the Middle East.

      *There's water on Mars which increases the likelihood we can send human beings there to colonize it! The US will lead this effort.

      From my family to yours, we're very proud and optimistic to be Americans! Happy belated Independence Day!

      Brendan Duffy
      4 Chestnut Knoll Drive, Sandy Hook July 7, 2008

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • do you ever have any remorse about the lies you tell or post? I didn't think so either...sad man, sad..