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  • paulyadams119 paulyadams119 Feb 1, 2013 9:59 PM Flag

    Looks like jim could not handle the truth

    just like a liberal to run for cover when logic, reason, and the truth come calling.

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    • at the risk of repeating myself. it looks like jim could not handle someone who fights back. He had to go lick his wounds with his friends and drown his sorrows in alcohol. (don't believe me, he said it himself) So sad.

    • well, jim, you are such a hypocrite. You own guns but the NRA are fanatics. What are you smoking. You don't get it do you. The NRA is fighting for your right to keep those guns. Wow, liberals are amazing strange people. It sounds to me like you have been drinking the coolaid my friend.

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      • Ok, last one (couldn't resist) See what I mean? "Liberals"........ anyone with a different opinion conveniently fits in to one of the categories you've assigned them to. I don't care if guns became illegal, and I don't need a group of over the top fanatics fighting for me. I like owning my guns, I like to shoot, I'm extremely good at it, but if society decides its better if guns are gone, it's ok with me. I won't cry or freak out and scream that it's against my interpretation of a document written a couple of hundred years ago when things were much different than they are now. Its social evolution..... oops, I hope that one doesn't set you off on a religious rant about creation vs evolution or the earth being less than 10,000yrs old, or something equally as entertaining as your gun based arguments.

    • Come on, even you don't believe this ridiculous garbage you spew.... And, contrary to many others, I'm just bored and having fun teasing the #$%$. You can not insult me in to a heated exchange where you regurgitate the talking points you've heard from your fearful leaders.