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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Feb 6, 2013 5:34 PM Flag

    O/T- Obamacare vs USPS


    Both govt entities,, now the post office is near bankrupt,, Obamacare is bankrupt before it gets started, so we will be taxed out the nose,, long lines at the post office and no body that works there cares,, guess what, here comes Obamacare in 2014, long lines and you no longer will have a family doctor, unless you are wealthy,, if you have health care issues at the present time, best get them fixed now cause after next year, you are a number and govt workers won't loose any sleep if you live or die,,also, the govt will control what benefits and medicine you get,,welcome to socialized medicine,, I tried to warn you,,

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    • No different than the private sector. Try sending a letter through a private carrier for forty-five cents. Try to get private health insurance at the same rate of Medicaid , and you will not find any. Try to get private health insurance at the same premium rate as Medicare, and you will not find any. Unless you are wealthy, the private sector will ignore you more and more. As you already said, the private doctors will ignore the poor, and middle class more and more (ie. you said ".... you no longer will have a family doctor, unless you are wealthy" Meaning the rich doctors will ignore the poor and middle class more and more.)

      The super rich are cleaning out the poor, and the middle class. They will within one to two generations own all of the wealth in the nation, if not the world. The super rich are employing armies of unscrupulous hedge fund flunkies, greedy lawyers, and greedy banksters to pillage the common people, and to control the government. If greedy doctors only treat people that can pay high fees, the common people will no longer afford the high doctor fees, after they have been cleaned out by the super rich, who are using armies of greedy banksters, greedy lawyers, and greedy hedge fund opperators to pillage and clean out the common people. Voting for Republicans will just speed up the pillaging of the common people by the super rich.

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      • RM,, Obamacare started all this,, now here comes the fallout,, now one good thing they have done is to make reimbursment for medicaid the same as mediciare, so there is more incentive to see these folks,, but poeple as going to get a rude awakening next year when they cant see a doc because there will not be enough to go around,, lines will be long,, whats going to happen is that there will be a influx of small clinics funded by the govt that will pop up everywhere, but they will be staffed mostly by mid levels cause docs will be in the hospitials or in supervisory positiions,, this is not going to go well,, many patients have the luxery now to see their family docs now usually the same day like in my practice, but this will soon be gone and there will be much frustration by the masses,, many patients are going to fall through the cracks because of poor follow ups because of the massive influx of new patients,,

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    • Oh, guess what is going on now with Obamacare, the FDA is now responsible for essentially shutting down your local bakery,, now every food item must be listed with all the calorie and nutrition info or it will be a felony to the baker and owners who make a mistake in not providing correct information,, we are becoming a police state with socialism,,

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    • Doc, you're an idiot, and I'm putting you on ignore along side your buddy Fighter, making two idiots squared!

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