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  • jnichols_962711 jnichols_962711 Feb 8, 2013 5:00 PM Flag

    OT: The hardest thing this week I am trying to do is:


    Reaching behind my back trying to squeeze a splinter of schrapnel from in between my lower and mid-upper shoulder blade.....(While eating a jelly donut).....

    Just can't quite reach it no matter what position and torquing of body motion and squeezing of thumbs and index fingers, I do......Plus the damn mirror doesn't help, just makes it harder....

    Well, I guess I'll wait until the wife gets back from TDY before I go and have a Doc use tweezers on it....

    Happy Lunar New Year,


    Ohhh....For any celebraters of Lunar New Years....3 questions.....

    1. Why was Lunar New Years celebrated in January last year and this year it is in February?
    Will it be in March next year? Just curious and if it does progress every month by year, then in 2016 during May 9th will it screw up Buddahs birthday?


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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