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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Feb 10, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    The Culture of Corruption...a Fish rots from the Head!

    And we thought Blago was corrupt? There is something rotten about these power intoxicated loons. This recent Jess Jr. story could only be the tip of the "Chicago politics" iceberg, which also could blow the lid of the "sheilla". If it bleeds, it leads. Follow the bloody money trail, it may lead to a "body" and then to a "head". Investigations are ongoing and spreading....hmmmmmm. It is bleeding and it is leading.

    Connect the dots, the "inmate Gov." Blago's trial and subsequent conviction mentioned a lot of names, including Jesse Jr., who was near the epicenter of the whole "pay to play" corruption scandal that sent Blago to "Graduate school" for Illinois Democrat politicians. Other former Govs. include Otto Kerner, Dan Walker, who according to him, his time in prison is a "gut wrenching, soul searching time", and George Ryan.

    Other names that came up in the Blago "movie" included, Tony Rezko, who is also currently in "Graduate School" for "Chicago politics" criminals. Tony Resko is a VERY important player in "Chicago politics", and may even become a bigger name in this Jesse jr. unfurling drama. The sweet question now is, Who were Blago and Tony Rezko's very close friends?.....hmmmmm, the plot thickens.

    This Jesse jr. "thing" could the the powder keg that ignites a BIG political machine...."D" for destruction. We shall see how good these loons are at "fixing" things, aka cover up.

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    • Fraud, that self labeled Christian calls Jesse jr.'s corruption "legal troubles!" What kind of mentality is that. No wonder this country is in trouble. (I suspect if he could he would put Jesse Jr. back in office again.) Disgusting!

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      • DickW,

        That is the mirror image of the loon mentality across the board. Nothing Christian about bearing false witness against another, or calling ADULTRY and STEALING "legal troubles" Jesse stole to buy a gift for a woman, he is having an adultrous relationship with.

        Daddy will "preach" Jesus said "if you love me keep my commandments", and the first of those commandments is, "Thou shall not commit Adultry", thou shall not steal, thou shall NOT BARE FALSE WITNESS against thy neighbor. Father and son disobeyed and comitted adultry. Son, stole to enhance adultry.

        It is clear that they don't love GOD, but will pretend and deceive like all loons do. GOD shall not be mocked, plain and sinple. They will be exposed and shamed one after the other. Look at what happened to the self labeled christian on Dec. 22, 2012, he bore false witness against another, and issued a manifesto, but shamelessly returned.

        Loons are generally liars and would co-opt a conservative position, like Faith, for the SOLE purpose of distorting, slanting to deceive, disrupt and to polarize.