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  • biosectinvestor biosectinvestor Feb 10, 2013 5:12 PM Flag

    There are some problems with Gary's latest interview Seeking Alpha

    I like you Keep, you're not a crazed right-winger, so far as I can tell - since this board is full of them posting all the time - but you're still completely incorrect on the reverse split, and also, though the author discloses his ownership, I don't think it matters. It's an interview. He is asking questions of Gary, and Gary is ANSWERING. The Answers are the substance of the article, not the questions.

    This is an uplisting that will allow institutional investors and change the nature of the market maker's role in the shares. While there is no guarantee that it will go up, I think, despite your thoughts otherwise, that with the kind of news that is pending, and this is my personal opinion, it will have no material affect on current investors, ultimately, and will skyrocket the market cap, which is a very good thing for current shareholders. This is no recommendation, as I'm not professional and this is just my personal opinion, and YES, I own shares.

    By the way Keep, you point a finger at the author of the article, as though it's a crime to own shares. Do you currently own any shares? It sure has not sounded like it given your posts. It's rare that a shareholder would be so absolutely, consistently negative. If you do, and this is not a recommendation, but in my experience, someone with your disposition, is best off selling and moving on, no matter what the loss, no matter what happens. Peace of mind is a good thing if you really think the way you do about this company.

    Also, by the way, it's not just right-wingers who are against this company. Also Greenpeace in Europe has been against embryonic research. So we have that going for us too. Just about everyone against hesc research, is horribly misguided though, in my opinion.

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    • For successful r/s, like the one we are contemplating, I suggest looking at Priceline.

    • "I like you Keep, you're not a crazed right-winger,"

      Bio, great compliment.

      "but you're still completely incorrect on the reverse split, and also,"

      No I'm not, and I supported my argument with facts about the RS, where's your facts?

      "By the way Keep, you point a finger at the author of the article, as though it's a crime to own shares. "

      Thats not true! I own shares, but I'm not going to blindly swallow everything Gary regurgitates. As I stated Gary is the CEO, and he needs to quit blaming others for the extremely low share price, instead he should step up and fix it, afterall thats one the CEO's top priorities, isn't it?

    • Bio, your paranoia with crazed right wingers qualifies you as a crazed left winger. Fyi, all right wingers are not against this company, you should know that but apparently you don't. And, although the answers to the interview are the substance, the answers are led by the questions. You should try moving a little more to the center and forget about patronizing keep.