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  • factsfood factsfood Feb 10, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    There are some problems with Gary's latest interview Seeking Alpha


    Some facts to deal with as an ACTC investor:

    -A reverse split by its nature is simply a capital restructuring of the Company. ACTC, with 2.2 billion shares outstanding is definitely a candidate in need of financial restructuring due to its historic toxic financing arrangements made to avoid bankruptcy and closing their doors.

    -Yes, these financial credit instruments, in retrospect, were a huge mistake, but certainly necessary at the time they were entered into. Consequently, they destroyed the capital structure of the Company.

    -ACTC is the only stem cell play with an FDA clinical trial in advanced stages of Phase I/II and results from the trials a beyond original expectations. This means there is a good chance the science works and will result in a successful launch of a new defensive response to a blindness threat to millions.

    -Safety was the primary goal of the current trials and they have passed the Safety Review Board oversight and conclusions with flying colors.

    -The only way to get the stock price up is through the very necessary reverse split that will accomplish many of the things outlined in Gary's interview, depsite the risks inherent with reverse splits.

    -Genuine Investors look to the science for comfort before investing. Day traders and ignorant investors get frightened by reverse splits because they have just not done their homework or simply don't understanding what is going on with this Company and the launch pad it is driving to.

    -I have said this on earlier posts, as a financial executive of publicly traded entities, the bottom line will be the market cap of ACTC once their science is given a great light by the FDA for the AMD program. This value, in my financial opinion, could be from $3-7 billion, present value to a big Pharma entity, especially with a needle ready solution.

    Either buy in on facts, or get out and don't pushing this message board deeper into the cesspool.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy