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  • theresnobeachhere theresnobeachhere Feb 14, 2013 6:54 AM Flag

    Education Reform

    I don't know exactly what the president has in mind from the segment noted below, but I does seem that our entire approach to education needs an overall. Common sense says that every kid should be taught basic levels of reading, math, history and science - AND the basics of finance which is usually not taught at all in the primary grades.

    But beyond that, kids who are not going to college but instead desire to learn a trade have to sit through years of additional course work above what they'll need instead of having available the beginning of their technical learning. For these kids the educational system prepares them for little. Kids who want to be plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, beauticians whatever, should be able to start that learning in their high schools years.

    I know some will criticizes the idea arguing kids in high school don't know what they want to do. True to some extent, but many know that they don't want to go to college and for those sitting through years of additional history, math, science etc above a basic level doesn't do anyone any good. Some European countries follow this approach giving kids an opportunity to learn a trade or get a more specialized education.

    From Charles Blows column in the NYT

    " He proposed a revamping of our educational system, from universal “high quality preschool” to a redesign of high schools “so they better equip graduates for the demands of a high-tech economy” and changing the Higher Education Act “so that affordability and value are included in determining which colleges receive certain types of federal aid.”

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    • read this on another board
      This ranks high on the list of ridiculous, unless Obama is trying to find babysitters for those on welfare. I have a friend who has taught elementary school in an inner city area for 30 years. She has lots of kids who show up only when their parents bother to get them there. She has more than her fair share of crack babies. They cannot be controlled or taught. Parents are uncooperative and in your face if their children are criticized or disciplined. She tries harder than any other teacher I know to impart knowledge to these kids, but in many cases it has proved impossible. If Obama wants to address the problems - especially in inner city schools - he is going to have to go far deeper than adding preschool. These kids are pushed along from class to class and often the teachers are not allowed to hold them back. Obama sits in his ivory tower and makes proposals that may sound good in his polished rhetoric but are way off the mark. It is like his attempts to end

      violence in the US by attacking law abiding gun owners who have no connection to the violence.

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      • pre-k actually gets them away from their parents and there's normal socializing. A simple no attendance, no welfare check mailed out. Come and get it and bring a doctors note. Money or lack there of, is a motivator or just whip them. This is biased though, so it would never happen. when I say I know women who eat their young, I know and I'm sorry I do.

    • Beach, what bothers me is liberals redesigning our educational system. In MHO they've done enough damage already. (Expect this will elicit some lefty nasties.)

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      • Re: "Beach, what bothers me is liberals redesigning our educational system. In MHO they've done enough damage already. (Expect this will elicit some lefty nasties.)"

        But, dickw, you are now caught in a reverse Pascal's Wager because the liberals can claim the cons and neocons have been doing damage for eons while the cons and neocons can only claim the liberals have been doing damage for the past 6,000 - 9,000 years.

    • pre-school for 4 years olds. the whole educational community is laughing at you Mr. President. We have half day kindergarten with, color between the lines, nap time, recess and a little lunch before they go home. big time babysitters so mom can do nothing. this would be funny if it wasn't so sad. ON THE JOB TRAINING. GET A CLUE.

    • I spent 35 years in the education business and you are one of the first people I have seen online who has a clue. Most just want to blame teachers, unions and so on. We try to teach every kid to be a lawyer and not much else. We need to link the education system to the real world and the jobs available. Not every kid should go to college but in education today that is blasphemy. Right now we are even trying to get special ed kids to go to college. We have put life on hold for too long with many of our kids and the result is 30 year olds still trying to find themselves while living in their old bedrooms with their parents still footing their bills. A conspiracy of overprotective parents and a push in education for students to be perpetually going to school for no real reason has led to this. The funny thing is that the kids who are really the happiest are those who are on their own and pulling their own rate.

    • Theres, The US is falling behind in math, science, and reading skills, compared to other developed countries. I don't know the answer for this, maybe these other countries are more driven to learn, whereas we've become fat and lazy due to our successes over the years. One thing I have noticed in our inner city school systems is that the parents are not involved as they should be in their childs education, as I've heard first hand many teachers complain that on parent/ teacher night hardly any parents show up. Whereas in the suburbs where our daughter went to school, it was difficult finding a parking space or a place to sit during parent/teacher night. Also, in our school district it costs about $8K per student, and the innter city school district it costs $15K per student, our school district has a rating off excellence, whereas the inner city school district is on academic watch, so it's not the money.

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      • Agree Keep and Doc that education begins at home. I'm far from the one to develop the details of such an extensive overhaul, but I see kids coming out of our local high school which is an upper middles class area and they have no basic knowledge around personal finance - don't even know why you balance a checkbook let alone the other financial skills they'll need to succeed but they may have taken math through Algebra III/ pre Trig even though they never intend to go to college. There should be a separate track for these kids go get an education that allows them a career. The other positive likely to come out of this would be better prepared college bound grads since high schools could focus more on their needs.

        The schools to do this already exist. They are just not available to kids until they are out of high school. A blending of curriculums seems to be a logical approach. Example, you can teach personal finance at a trade school or have trade schools partner with community college for non core classes.

    • Beach, I agree the system is in need of overhaul,, right now it is not working,, I do think everryone needs a equal paying field and certian aspects of basic learning needs to be taught to all,, the biggest problem as I see it is that education needs to be instilled at home and it is not for whatever reason,, if parents were more envolved in the education process then we would have smarter kids,,