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  • posting_clown posting_clown Feb 14, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    karenlupa. I doubt anyone here is down 99%


    I'm in at an average of 8 cents.
    You are the master of diverting attention from the only fact that matters. The RPE trial. If it works like it appears to now the market cap for ACT will go through the roof.
    All of your garbage about past event is irrelevant to me and most investors. You must be one that lost their arzzs at much higher prices.

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    • Funny, I would have thought all that mattered for now, WAS that the pps was down 99%. Or 75% in the last two years, if you don't like the longer term number.

      I would have thought that this mattered: the pps performance, indicative of management, is possibly the worst performance last two years, of all stocks of planet earth. At least the lower 2% of all stocks on planet earth. That speaks to management.

      I would have thought timelines were important, too, like, for instance, how many years before big pharma would be willing to JV, or the FDA would approve the first dime of revenue? Guessing how many years is noise, what's NOT noise is to guess that it won't be this year, for a dozen reasons. I would have thought these things were important, as well as a dozen other red flag issues.

    • Seems to me Karen likes facts rather than fluff!

      So far the RPE trial reports no adverse safety signals and SOME SIGNS !!!!! LOL remember that through the roof is a bidirectional vector and one tumor or one adverse safety signal can change 0.075 to 0.00075.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • She is.