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  • fighterpilot fighterpilot Feb 20, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    What is it OT ?????


    Why are so many unwilling to learn ???? I had nothing but luck and fortune in my life and I am married 45 years, have a wonderful wife and daughter and son in law and even at the pool folks tell me about their misery, I can see what they are doing wrong.

    I think they would listen to a very successful , lucky and happy man.


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    • Hey S,, hope you are having fun,, I to am fortunate to have had luck in my life and guidence by my parents,, my father just stopped by to wish me a happy 53rd birthday and I thanked him for my life,, I will se my mother later,, I am truely blessed to have a life as a doctor, although I work all the time, in fact this weekend will be my first day off in 5 weeks,, the whole band is getting together and T is coming up for the weekend,, P is making seafood newburg for my brthday dinner on Sat,, can't wait,,
      Have M & J come in yet,,
      Hi to L,,

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    • FP, perhaps you missed your calling and should have been a Psychiatrist or Psychoanalyst.

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