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  • fighterpilot fighterpilot Mar 3, 2013 9:00 PM Flag

    What is little known


    While all this show wrestling of the parties is going on, incredible amount of money and also production has already moved to countries with a more stable currency and less entitlements and obligations. Those folks know that the irresponsible low interest rates, and the reckless support of bonds cannot be sustained. Nope, it is only getting better on borrowed time. Basis capital and economic rules are being violated big time, getting more and more outright lawless. This is hard to fix.

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    • "This is hard to fix."

      I contend it is IMPOSSIBLE to fix. It is designed to stir us into "A new world order". This is the "managed decline of America" George Soros envisions. If America doesn't stop spending, George Soro wins. America is the only thing standing in his path for a new world order, where his boy is King or dictator of the the world.....

      Remember the "world tour" in 2008? Who can forget Berlin?....connect the dots!

    • S, I am no expert in world economics, but, the way I see it is that our currency is going to go in the toilet and there is going to be incredible inflation,, none like we have ever seen,, people have not suffered yet,, wait until the collapse of the middle east and world war 3 starts over there, and it could be at this years end,, the world is not stable and this country is sure as hell is not either, we cannot sustain this debt,,

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