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  • jnichols_962711 jnichols_962711 Mar 7, 2013 10:50 PM Flag

    OT: Dr. Craig



    Currently I am working on my dissertation for my MSc degree and my topic is "Future of health care records in the digital age".

    Some of the issues I have seen involve confusion with paper medical records between patients, doctors, pharmacists and health insurance companies. I was wondering if you have any experience or could provide some literature research on these topics. If you email me at yahoo I could send you project proposal and would appreciate any help you could provide. Below is a short synapse of what I will be researching about:

    Current medical practises tend to store patient information on-site and in paper form. This technique has become antiquated in today’s digital world. My project plans to outline the following:

    Comparison showing statistical data regarding medical errors due to legibility errors along with delays in filing with health insurance companies.

    Research commenting how digitalized health records are being recommended by the Obama administration health care plan by the year 2016 and incentives awarded for progressing to the inevitable digital age of electronic medical records.

    A theory of operation for a prototype that could be built for utilizing the Internet and digital storage device for gathering and converting existing paper medical records into secure digital form to include X-Rays, MRI’s, etc.

    Benefits associated with digitalized medical records to include patients, doctors, pharmacists and insurance companies having real-time updated and instant access to medical records.



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    • Hey J, did you see my note,, hope it helps,, Stuck in Huntington WV in a dam hotel studing for the trauma test,, I have to be in class for 2 days, 12 hours a day and it is suposed to be 70 this weekend,, pi*s*s,, but, I'm gettin ready to order room service for dinner,, surf and turf might make me feel better,,

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    • J,, I did get some needed rest, thank you,,
      I have had EMR for 13years now and it is great in MY office,, I use Practice Partner and I think they are out of Wash state,, it does my scheduling, billing and patient care and records storage,, I think this is all fine for induvidual offices but the Govt is eventually going to get hold of these records and my biggest fear is that there will be no privacy and patients records will be out there for the world to view,, no matter what safe gaurds they use, it will happen and it is not good,, EMR's save alot of time but there are limitations as well,, in patient records we tend to use templates and sometimes a certian phyical exam will get lost or failed to put in,, right there is something you could argue that there will limitations in,,so there will be errors there,,
      It is very expensive to maintain these records and I have a small fortune in computer systems and servers,, there ahve been some incentives for this under the Obama administration to pay for this,, llike I said, I already have had it for years so it is a bonus me me,,
      Those are some of the highlights and I can give you more specifics if need be,,
      I like EMR's but I can jsut see the govt fkin it up,,

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