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  • joecarry59 joecarry59 Mar 13, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

    How to achieve peace and relative stability on earth.

    Send people like Bluecloud1013 and others to another planet. This world will have:

    1. practically zero murders and violence.
    2. no more robberies, rapes drugs, etc.
    3. no more stealing of shoes, cell phones, etc
    4. more productivity in our workforce and our GDM.
    5. I guess we would live in a world of peace like prior 1800's again.

    This is based on population facts per city crime rate in America. No joking.

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    • ". I guess we would live in a world of peace like prior 1800's again." Really, LOL. These losers just can't help exposing themselves for being incredibly STUPID. It wasn't very peaceful here in Trenton prior to the 1800's you idiot. It hasn't been peaceful anywhere in the world for any length of time you dope. Why is it that people like you, who are so incredibly stupid and ignorant are always the first to open your big mouths and say things that are easily proven WRONG? You're a fool, and sadly there were fools around just like you prior to the 1800's, that's why there are always wars and death and destruction.
      Another thing idiot, "per city crime rate in America" ???? Are you f'n serious? NO ONE was taking statistics of crime in cities you dope. People like ME were busy fending off fools like you who wanted America to keep it's allegiance to the King of England where we could keep paying taxes without representation. You are truly an idiot.